All You Should Know About Mosquito Like Bugs That Bite

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Bugs are a common nuisance in different parts of the world. Most people have experienced the itchy bumps that look like mosquito bites but aren’t at one point in life.

While some bug bites may not present any severe health threats, others transmit diseases and even cause serious allergic reactions.

Aside from the painful bites, mosquitoes have annoying buzzing that may take you on a killing spree at their presence.

However, with many mosquito-like bugs that bite everywhere, mosquitoes are not always the culprits. Knowing what you are dealing with is the first step towards taking control of the infestation.

Types of Mosquito Like Bugs That Bite

We have already established that there are different mosquito look-alike bugs. However, getting a bug bite can feel creepy, especially if you are not aware of the culprit.

Your knowledge and recognition of insects may depend on the region you stay. Here are some common mosquito doppelgangers you may encounter in life.

Crane Flies

Crane flies may be the mostly mistaken mosquito-like bugs in grass. While these two insects may have some similarities, there are differences in terms of behavior and size.

Crane flies can grow between ¼ inch to 11/2 inches in length known as daddy-long legs. Compared to mosquitoes, these insects have smooth wings and cannot bite you.

You can easily recognize a crane fly since it keeps its body straight while resting, unlike mosquito humpback appearance. While you will not have any bites, these bugs may destroy your yard. One common sign of crane fly presence in the dead brown patches.

When it comes to eliminating crane flies, organic sprays are most effective. Remember that birds feed on these bugs. Therefore, birds exposed to such sprays become may ill.


Although midge appears more like a gnat, you might mistake it for a mosquito on first glance. Like mosquitoes, these bugs thrive in stagnant water, and you might find them in a single pool. Fortunately, they neither bite nor transmit any infections.

There are several elements to help you distinguish between the two bugs. Midges lack proboscis and are even smaller in size compared to the mosquitoes.

They also feature smooth edge wings and keep their bodies straight when resting. Adult midges live up to seven days, depending on weather conditions and species. You may see them moving in large swarms for mating purposes.

So, how do you keep these bugs that look like mosquitoes from your yard? First, you should inspect your area for signs of infestation. Some common places include fountains, boggy areas and ponds. The best way to start removing the bugs is by declogging pumps and draining stagnant water.

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are common small mosquito-like bugs in house. Usually, they come indoors for a conducive environment to reproduce. It is challenging to visually differentiate between these two bugs due to their similar body type and small size.

The gnats feed on fungi and roots. You may see them flying around your home plants. Besides, with mushrooms on your surroundings, you are likely to attract this type of insects.

Numerous fungus gnats can easily weaken a plant with a poor root system. If you want to protect your plants from extensive damage, there is an immediate need to act.

These mosquito-like bugs have a particular liking for decaying organic matter. For compost, use a closed barrel system or keep it away from the house.

Dixid Midges

These little insects are usually found in moist areas with abundant vegetation. You have a good chance of sighting them swarming along streams and lake edges at dusk. Adult dixid midges have short lives of less than a week.

Suppose these bugs are causing a nuisance in your life, no need to call an exterminator. Simple hacks may keep the population under control.

Why not improve your drainage system to get rid of stagnant water? The bugs eat phytoplankton and algae found on swamps, creeks, ponds, lakes and slow-moving water.

You could also introduce natural predators like fish into the affected environment.

No-See-Um/Biting Midge Fly

Your skin is probably covered with itchy bumps that look like mosquito bites but aren’t. So, here you are wondering what might be secretly attacking you.

One likely culprit responsible for your pain is no-see-um, also known as sand flies or punkies.

With these flies, the natural habitat varies according to the species. Their lifecycle includes several stages including eggs, pupa, larvae and adult. The female insect feeds on blood which may result in an allergic reaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which bugs bite like mosquitoes?

There are several insects with mosquito-like bites. Some include bedbugs, lice, biting midge fly, flea, ticks, bees and wasps. Besides, the pain intensity depends on the type of insect.

Q2: Which type of pest bites in bed?

Bedbugs are the most likely bug biting you in bed. They feed on blood at night and hides during the day. Other possible offenders include chigger mites, fleas, scabies mites, horseflies and lice.

Q3: Why do I have random itchy bumps like mosquitoe bites but aren’t?

People experience itchy bug-like bites at some point in time. While you may have bumps resembling mosquito bites, there are other potential causes. They may be allergic reaction, infection or other environmental factors.

Q4: How do I keep bugs from biting me?

There are different ways of keeping bugs off you. First, you can use natural insect repellent like rubbing garlic on your skin. Vitamin B, essential oils and apple cider vinegar also ward off the pests.

Summer is not always about games and fun. The season also comes with small mosquito-like bugs issues. While some bugs bite as a means of feeding, others bite as a defense mechanism. Whatever reason for the attack, the bug bites can be nasty and itchy.

Bugs resemble each other, especially from a distance or bad lighting. You may end up mistakenly identifying them. As a homeowner, understanding the pest infestation in your space is crucial.


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