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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Ultrasonic Repellent




TSCTBA Rodent Repellent



Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent Scent Packs, 4 Ready-to-Use Packs for Indoor & Outdoor Use, People & Safe 12-pk

Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent Scent Packs

Mice are pesky pests. They get in your pantry and leave dirt around, and their nests are breeding grounds for all kinds of microbes that can cause allergies and infections. It can be very difficult to keep them away, especially if they have gotten used to gaining access to certain areas of your home, like your kitchen, pantry, basement, or garden.

And yet, killing mice may not be a viable option for many. After all, they are living organisms, and not everyone is okay with killing them. In such cases, using a mouse repellent is the best way to deal with the problem. They keep the mice away, and you do not have to worry about disposing of dead rats.

Mouse repellents are available in various forms. They are often infused with herbal extracts to make them safe for kids or pets. And yet, they effectively do the job of keeping mice away. They provide long-lasting protection and are safe for use in every part of the house. They keep all kinds of rodents away and your home smelling fresh.

I have reviewed some of the best mouse repellents in 2024 so that if you want to keep your home free from rodents, you won’t have trouble deciding which one is best suited for you.

Best Mouse Repellants You Can Consider in 2024 – An Overview

As someone who has witnessed the problem with mice infestation firsthand, I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to keep mice away from your property. The particularly large species of mice or rats can also bite children and pets.

Dead mice can lead to illnesses like plagues and other harmful diseases, which can compromise your immune system. They can also spread germs by nibbling your food packets in the pantry and running your grains and groceries.

I have made a list of the best mouse repellents to help you make a more informed decision.

Don’t forget, you are not alone with your pest problem. Rodents are common across all climates and cities. So reach out for help from a local pest controller nearby if you feel the situation isn’t improving.




1. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Ultrasonic Repellent for Rodents

This electric, ultrasonic pest repellent is excellent for indoor use and works on many pests, including mice. It comes in a pack of six ultrasonic repellent that uses ultrasound to keep away pests. 

All you have to do is plug it in. It is suitable for homes, garages, cafes, warehouses, offices, and hotels and easily keeps your premises clean and pest-free. 


This ultrasonic pest is easy to use and comes with two kinds of settings. The first level has a frequency of 25KHz-65KHz and works with all common household pests. The second level has a frequency of 10KHz-15KHz, which is suitable for pests like mice and rats. 

It is an eco-friendly alternative and does not use any chemicals. You know the device is working when the blue light comes on. 

Brand Repute 

Zeropest has been a reputed name in the pest control industry for quite a few years now. They have designed products suitable for home and commercial use over the years. 

They believe in making cost-effective, eco-friendly products that provide long-term solutions to homeowners. They also have excellent after-sales service to help their customers. 


  • Brand – Zeropest
  • Color – White and blue
  • Body – ABS Plastic
  • Power – Electric 


  • Do not use any toxins or harmful chemicals.
  • Pests are repelled because of the threat to their nervous system that keeps them away.
  • Pest infestation goes down significantly in three weeks with regular use.
  • Does not harm children or pets. 


  • The product is designed for US electrical outlets only. Anyone outside the US will have to use an adapter if the outlet is incompatible.
  • Preferably, the second level heavier setting can be used only when no one is at home because of the discomfort it may also cause humans.





2. TSCTBA Rodent Repellent

This effective rodent repellent is effective on all kinds of household pests, including mice and rats. 

All you have to do is keep one pouch of repellent granules in the parts of your home that are most affected, and the odor will last for 60 to 90 days, repelling pests effectively during that period. Spacing the pouches by 125 feet is enough to cover extensive ground in your home.


This pest repellent is excellent for use in any kind of enclosed space like a home, office, barns, warehouses, and even automobiles like trucks and tractors. The repellent granules have a long-lasting odor, which causes discomfort only to the pests. 

The TSCTBA Rodent Repellent contains mainly peppermint and corn cobs – natural, potent deterrents to rodents. These plant extracts deliver a robust smell that overly sensitive rodent noses find disagreeable.

Brand Repute 

TSCTBA is a premium brand that focuses on making eco-friendly pest repellents for domestic purposes. They design their products to suit the convenience of the customers and keep them safe and easy to use. Their products are highly rated and have very good customer care service. 


  • Brand – TSCTBA
  • Color – Dull brown
  • Body – Granules
  • Power – No 


  • The scented granules will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • No mess as pests are repelled by the strong odor that smells pleasing to humans.
  • One pouch can cover 125 square feet.
  • Suitable for any kind of indoor space, including trucks and campers. 


  • Opinions are mixed on the smell and value.
  • In a very heavy infestation, the odor may last only for 30 days, so you need to stock up as each pack has only eight pouches.




Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent Scent Packs, 4 Ready-to-Use Packs for Indoor & Outdoor Use, People & Safe 12-pk

3. Bonide Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent Scent Packs-

This effective mouse repellent is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use as the scent packs can hold their own even when there is a breeze. This is highly effective for mice and rodents like rats and gnats. 

The blend of essential oils triggers their nervous system, instigating them to flee the premises. It is safe for use around pets and children and keeps pests effectively away from cellars, attics, basements, and other dark and damp areas of the house. 


The mouse repellent uses a blend of peppermint and spearmint that is very uncomfortable for pests. However, it will leave your space smelling fresh. 

Each pack has four ready-to-use 8-ounce pouches; you just need to place them strategically around your house where you have noticed rodent activity. You can also hide the pouches in the corners of the garden to prevent rodents from nesting or digging in. 

Brand Repute 

Bonide is known for making premium pest repellents that are safe and affordable. Their products are used all over the US, and you will love how effective they are in keeping pests away with ease. They will simply disappear from your premises over weeks with consistent use of their products. 


  • Brand – Bonide
  • Color – Dull grey
  • Body – Granules
  • Power – No


  • Effective for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Prevents pests from nesting in attics, basements, lawns, or flowerbeds
  • Fresh and clean peppermint fragrance
  • Easy to use by placing the pouches in specific areas of the house


  • One pack has only four pouches, so you will need more packs if you want to cover both indoors and outdoors
  • The scent is effective for up to 30 days, and you need to restock every month





8oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray (2)

4. 8oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray

This peppermint oil rodent repellent effectively keeps mice, rats, and field mice away. The pack contains two spray cans of 8 fluid ounces. The oil is made of natural peppermint obtained from the Pacific Northwest. 

The peppermint oil smells fresh and peppery to humans but keeps rodents away by triggering their flight response. You can spray the oil in your yard, home, or garden, effectively keeping mice away. 


The peppermint oil provides long-lasting protection due to its concentrated formula. It keeps rodents away in a humane way and will not irritate your kids or pets. 

Made from 100% plant-based ingredients like soybean, palm, and vegetable oil with peppermint extracts, the spray is very safe. It is completely biodegradable, and no toxins are left behind. 

Brand Repute 

Mighty Mint is a reputed company that specializes in making rodent repellent. They make specialized repellents that are extremely effective to control pest infestation. 

The main ingredient in their product is peppermint, and they source it directly from the Pacific Northwest, making them a pioneer in this segment. 


  • Brand – Mighty Mint
  • Color – White spray can
  • Body – Plastic
  • Power – No


  • Highly effective against all kinds of rats and mice
  • Peppermint sourced directly from the Pacific Northwest
  • Easy-to-use spray cans that are light and portable
  • Made completely from plant-based ingredients


  • You may not know how much to spray with every use, and could over-use and deplete the stock.
  • A severe burning sensation may occur if accidentally sprayed on your hands, and you end up rubbing your eyes. So, it is advisable to wear protective gloves while using them.





5.Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack

These ultrasonic pest repellents are ideal for keeping away a wide range of pests like rats, mice, and even roaches and spiders, giving you comprehensive protection. The pack contains six repellents; you can use one in each room.

They send out ultrasound ways, which cause discomfort to pests by irritating their nervous system, and you will see a marked reduction in pest activity within a month.


The ultrasonic pest repellents are easy to use. You just have to plug them into your regular electrical outlet, and they keep working 24/7. They start working as soon as the blue light comes on, and they can cover 1600 sq feet of area.

They are great for use in attics, barns, and RVs. You do not have to worry about dead mice and rats, nor do you have to worry about installing mouse traps and choosing the best rat baits to catch and dispose of pests.

Brand Repute

Okutani is known to manufacture high-end pest control products at affordable prices. They use the latest technology to keep pests away, and all their products are highly rated and recommended. They have excellent after-sales services and keep improving their products to make them more efficient.


  • Brand – Okutani
  • Color – White and blue
  • Body – Plastic
  • Power – Electric


  • Easy pest repellent by just plugging in the device
  • No mess with dead mice and no traps needed
  • No irritation to human ears with the ultrasound
  • Effective on almost every household pests and easy to dispose of pests from hard-to-reach places


  • Somewhat more expensive than other ultrasound repellents on the market
  • It can be hard to locate parts if the device breaks down


How I Selected The Best Mouse Repellants 

I had heard of mouse repellents but never had any reason to use them while living in a city apartment. However, I went to visit my cousin at his new suburban home, and that’s when he told me that the only thing he resents about the property is the large mouse population. 

However, with a baby on the way, they had to come up with a plan soon, and after much research, we got some mice repellents. I saw how effective they were during my stay with them over the summer. I researched more and went through the Amazon and Google reviews to learn about them. 

The ones listed here are quite effective because they have positive reviews and some I used. Here is why I chose them. 

Easy to use

The mouse repellents are easy to use. You just need to spread or place them strategically around the property where you have noticed mice activity. Depending on your purchased product, the repellents can keep mice away for days at a stretch. 

Over time, they learn to stay away from the property, and the rodent activity reduces drastically. By using the repellents once, you can keep away mice for over a month. 

Keeps away multiple rodents

The mouse repellents are effective on smaller mice and keep larger rodents like rats and gnats away. I saw that myself while I was staying at my cousin’s place and how the property became rodent-free. 

Even the larger rodents feel the discomfort caused by the repellents and learn to stay away from the property as they are conditioned to do so over time. 


The mouse repellents are mess-free. You start seeing less of the mice over the days. As a result, there is no dirt dug up, rodent fur, or rodent poop around the property. There are no dead insects the rodents feed on, and since the mouse repellents don’t kill the mice, there are no dead mice to deal with as well. It is a most effective solution that leaves your property clean and hygienic. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mouse Repellants 

As a buyer, you are bound to have certain questions before buying a product. Here are some questions that came up quite often during my research. 

Are mouse repellents toxic?

No, these mouse repellents are not toxic. They are made of eco-friendly products and comprise essential oils and natural herbs. The blend irritates the rodents but does not affect human beings. 

They are also safe to use if you have pets or kids in the house. My cousin was expecting a baby, and it caused them no discomfort, although it is advisable to use them with protective gloves on. 

Do mice die with mouse repellents?

No, mice do not die from mouse repellents. As the name suggests, they repel the mice and keep all kinds of rodents away. 

They stay away from your property because the composition triggers the flight instinct in them as they cause discomfort to the mice without killing them. 

Can I make mouse repellents at home?

No. You cannot make such effective mouse repellents at home. Yes, you may use some DIY methods to keep the mice away, but they won’t be permanent solutions. The rodents may come back with a vengeance. 

It is best to opt for professionally made, high-quality mouse repellents from reputed brands to do the job. 


Save $$$ by comparing up to 3 quotes from trusted local pest control companies.

Final Thoughts 

Mouse repellents will come in handy if you live in an area where there is a rodent problem. Having a cat will not really help. I was not aware of how severe the issue could become until I spent some time at my cousin’s home. These mouse repellents are a very effective component of rodent control and will keep the rodents out of sight. 

You don’t have to deal with dead mice, and they are a cost-effective solution to a very pertinent problem. Once you have used them, you will not have to worry about the rodent problem ever again. So go ahead and choose the one you feel will best suit your needs. 


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