How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

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Cost of doing the Termite Inspection Yourself

In considering termite inspection cost, it may help to conduct the procedure yourself in order to save some money. The cost of termite inspection with your own tools is minimal at best, and required more time and patience than anything else. The only real tool you’ll need is your eyes. Look around for any dust you may find lying around your home near wooden structures; it could prove to be something else entirely, such as the fecal pellets of the termites living within your home.

Since it is most likely that these termites came from the outside, an external examination is necessary to determine where the entry points are. Using a small penlight or a bright flashlight, examine the perimeter of your external walls for any holes that the termites could have gotten in through. Pay particular attention to any areas that are near to exposed wood, as these are more likely to be targets for termites. Discarded wings should also be looked for, as the reproductive termites will shed their wings after they have finished mating.

Within your home, the examination process is much more careful. Termites are likely to use mud and wood dust to patch up the holes they’ve left behind from their presence, but often don’t do a very good job of it. Be on the lookout for small piles of sawdust along baseboards and wooden areas of the home. The presence of air bubbles under painted wood will also tell you of a termite infestation.

When you’ve found these areas, use a hammer or the handle of a screwdriver to tap on the wood. If there is a hollow sound or the wood easily caves in/falls away, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands.

Hiring Professional Termite Inspection Services

How much is a termite inspection if you’re hiring a professional? The cost is entirely dependent on a number of factors. These costs are dependent upon the area that is being inspected, the square footage of the area, whether these areas are difficult to get to, or are deemed to be high risk. Inspection costs can typically be anywhere between $250 to $350, just for a professional to come and take a look at your home. However, due to their training, they are capable of noticing some signs you miss, had you conducted your own examination.

Termite Treatment Cost

In considering which methods to use in the eradication of this pest, one of the most important question homeowners have is how much does it cost to get rid of termites. It can be quite an expensive process, depending on the amount of damage that’s already been done, as termites are known to multiply quite quickly, since they don’t requite a lot of space to live in. Here are several different costs to consider when deciding between the various termite treatment options.

Termite treatment services cost

When it comes to a termite treatment cost, the price itself can vary depending on the expertise of the professional you are hiring, the extent of the infestation, the location, and the treatment option that is being employed to take care of the infestation. Typically, prices can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000, taking these factors into consideration. This price can seem steep to most homeowners, but it comes with the guarantee that the problem is being taken care of effectively.

How much DYI termite treatment cost?

The cost for termite treatment you do yourself can be a much more affordable option, as you only pay for the materials that you need. This is dependent on the price of the product itself. Termite baiting, for example, is roughly only $100 for a kit, and more can be purchased as needed in order to create an effective methods of dealing with termites. However, the cost of the materials should be considered in relation to the amount of square feet that is being treated. Having a particularly large home or yard can cause the costs to add up exponentially, and make it just as expensive as hiring a professional. Asking yourself how much is termite treatment should take into account all of the factors that are considered by a professional.

Estimation of termite treatment cost

Hiring professional services Chemical extermination 150-linear feet around/ 1250-square foot $1,350-$2,500.
Hiring professional services Chemical extermination 200-linear feet around/ 2500-square foot $1800-$3100
Hiring professional services Baiting 1,250-square foot $1500
Hiring professional services Baiting 2,500-square foot $3000
Hiring professional services Termite fumigation/ Termite tenting 1,250-square foot $1,250
Hiring professional services Termite fumigation/ Termite tenting 2,500-square foot $1,250
Do-it-yourself During construction 2,500-square foot $750
Do-it-yourself Using chemicals 240-linear feet each Termidor 20 oz ($60) will treat 60 feet x 4 = $240
Do-it-yourself Termite baiting system 200-linear feet around $200


Termite Extermination Cost: What is the Cost of Termite Control

With all of the treatment options, inspection costs, infestation reports and renewal periods to protect your home, the termite control cost can easily range from the lowest $800 to the highest $7,000, and that doesn’t take into account all of the factors that were mentioned above.

The termite extermination cost alone can be between $500 to $5,000, which may include the cost of preventative measures to keep out termites in the future. However, the costs may vary according to the method used. For example, the termite fumigation cost for a home that is 1250 square feet can be between $1,000 to $3,000, while a 2500-square foot home can be between $2,500-$4,000. These termite tenting cost also doesn’t take into account the structure of the home, the extent of the damage, and the duration of tenting depending on the level of infestation.


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It’s important to weigh the costs and the benefits in deciding whether to undertake such a project on your own or place the care of your home in the hands of a professional. It may seem tempting to save some money doing it yourself, but getting it done right the first time can prevent further increased costs in the future.

Drawbacks of this method

  1. Only works on drywood termites: Despite the effectiveness of this process, there are some drawbacks to its use. Firstly, the tenting method is only effective against drywood termites. This can make if a very expensive ordeal if the process doesn’t work due to the fact that it is a different kind of infestation.
  2. Only kills adults termites. The gas is not effective against the eggs, and is only capable of killing the adults. However, if the process has been successful, then there would be no adults to feed the nymphs once they hatch.
  3. Risk of creating acid. At very high temperatures, the sulfuryl fluoride will decompose into a corrosive acid that can eat through the home’s surfaces and structure, causing more damage than originally intended. It’s important that the service provider you hire is experienced in the tenting process and removes any heat sources from the home before the fumigation process begins.
  4. Not foolproof. The tenting process may not be capable of killing the termites that are deep within the foundation of the home in the soil itself. This incomplete eradication will only make it easier for the termites to remain within the “safe” zones of your home and continue to increase their numbers.
  5. Does not prevent future infestations: the gas does not prevent a new infestation from occurring. Once the home is reopened, a new colony is free to retake residence within your home once it has been aired out. This is a sign that there is a bigger problem that must be dealt with using more serious methods to completely eliminate the termite presence in your home altogether.

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