Bugs That Eat Stink Bugs

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The brown marmorated stink bugs will play peacefully outside during the day. But as soon as the weather changes and it’s cold outside, they will try getting into the house where it’s warmer. And within no time, they are flying everywhere in the place.

This can be a nightmare, especially if they are in large numbers. Imagine having hundreds of tiny missiles flying everywhere in your living room! So what do you do?

This is a question many people have been grappling with since that time these Asian bugs first landed in America. People have been wondering how they can control them. They destroy plants, particularly fruits and tomatoes, so scientists have been researching about them for some time now. One question they have trying to answer is what bugs can eat stink bugs?

Researchers have been looking at different native predators and bugs that can eat stink bugs and how effective they will be. They have also been toying with the idea of whether to import bugs that eat stink bugs from Asia. They believe stink bugs migrated to America to run away from predators in Asia.

Bugs That Eat Stink Bugs

Parasitoid Wasps; This is One of the Best Options Available

It’s funny how scientists and the government have spent so many years planning how to import this predator bug. And it’s as if mother nature felt sorry for them – the Parasitoid Wasps, also known as the samurai wasp, appeared from nowhere.

As it turns out, they had been living in the US  a while back, and for some reason, they migrated some years back, and now they were back.

Ok, let’s talk about Parasitoid!  Back in Asia, the Parasitoid wasp or the samurai wasp is the main bug that eats the sting bug ( now you get where the idea to import predator bugs came from). With over 70 spices, the parasitoid wasp is a very effective tool in controlling stink bugs.

The samurai wasp has a very unique way of dealing with the stink bug! Instead of attacking the adult stink bug, they prey on the stink bug eggs by depositing their eggs inside the stink bug eggs so that the baby wasp eats the stink bug before they hatch.

Regrettably, the samurai wasps can also target the eggs of other less dangerous bugs. This means if they are in large numbers, it can result in the annihilation of non-harmful pests.

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Assassin Bugs; Though A Disease Risk

Another bug that eats stink bugs is the assassin bugs. Studies have shown there are roughly 5000 different species of Assasin bugs. The bugs are highly beneficial to the ecosystem because they eat different bugs, such as stink bugs, preventing any particular species from becoming too dominant.

These bugs do not feed on crops but rather prey for bugs on them. They trap the insects, pins them down using their front legs. Then paralyze them, injecting a poisonous substance into their body with its sharp beak-like mouth. And finally, it sucks dry the victim’s bodily fluid. A brutal process! Right?

Though they are potentially helpful in controlling stink bugs, they can be lethal to human beings at times. It would be healthy if you were more cautious when you are around them lest they kiss you. They tend to sting humans on the face, earning the name kissing bugs!

They are known to transmit sickness like Chagas, popularly known as sleeping sickness. An assassin bug bite can also cause different allergic reactions. It’s advisable not to bother them, and they won’t bother you!

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Predatory Stink Bugs

Can you believe that not all stink bugs are pests;  yes, some of them are beneficial. They are human friends. Unlike the other stink bug species, such as the brown marmorated stink bug, predatory stink bugs, popularly known as the “giant strong-nosed stink bug,” are gardener’s best friend, feeding in over 50 different bug species.

The predatory stink bugs can attack and kill bugs bigger than themselves and use the sharp needle-like stinger to suck dry the bodily fluids from their victims. However, introducing these bugs presents a similar dilemma to that of parasitoid wasp – the likelihood of killing non-harmful bugs.

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What Happens If A Dog Eats A Stink Bug

Most dogs and cats love catching and eating stink bugs. Luckily these bugs are not toxic. However, they can induce dogs or any other pet to vomit or excessively slobber due to stomach disorder. These effects should go away on their own, so don’t get worried!

However, in extreme situations, if your dog does consume many stink bugs, it will result in a hard fist-like mass in the digestive system called a Bezoar that cannot go through the digestive tract. The dog may require surgery. If you believe your dog has eaten an unhealthy number of stink bugs, you should get in touch with a professional.

Are there other bug predators that feed on Stink bug?

Oh yes, there are – mice and rats feed on bed bugs. And so do spiders, praying mantis, birds, Bats, and wheel bugs, just to name but a few.

Do Stink Bugs Have Benefits?

The only scientifically proven benefit is to help you protect your crops and plants from pests. They feed on caterpillars, insects, and even stink bugs that feed on plants.

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Your backyard garden provides an ideal environment for a vast number of pests seeking a safe place to feed, rest and procreate. Stink bugs multiply rapidly and can be difficult to eradicate due to their propensity to congregate in large numbers. It’s critical to get rid of them before they do too much harm to your crops.

Even though there are many ways to effectively deal with these tiny bugs, using natural methods like stink bug predators can be very beneficial. Scientists advise that instead of using insecticide, which can have long-term effects on your garden, you can introduce bed bug predators on your farm and let nature take its course.

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