How to Keep Flies Away from My Dog Kennels?

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Do you find it surprising that some home pets such as dogs and their kennels are often free from flies? If you have a pet, and find fly free dog kennels surprising, then its time you tried something new.

These unwanted guests might seem normal to your pets, but they are unpleasant and can present serious health risks.

How to Keep Flies Away from My Dog Kennels?

You have many options, including cleaning kennels properly, using suitable feeding measures, and more. Plus, we will also look at some of the few issues associated with such a problem.

Reasons Why they Like Dog Kennels

Flies are probably in dog kennels for quite a few reasons. Usually, pets such as dogs are negligent animals, and flies’ presence seems normal to them. However, the same is not typical for people, and these are the reasons you can attribute to their presence:

  • Lack of proper hygiene – hygiene extends to pets’ bodies, especially if you don’t give them regular baths. It also extends to the hygiene of the kennel itself – if you rarely clean it at all.
  • Presence of pet feed – any pieces of food or remains in the kennel is highly likely to attract flies.
  • Poor location of the kennel- failing to place the kennel at the right spot can attract flies. For instance, placing it close to trash bags close to your house.

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Things You Can Do to Keep Flies Away

Pets such as dogs will naturally attract flies, especially as they are negligent towards their presence. So, you have to be interactive to ensure the kennels are clean for your pets at all times.

There are few things you can do to prevent the presence of flies in your dog kennels. A few good recommendations for how to keep flies off dogs’ ears and more include:

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Eliminate the Things that Attract Flies

The first important step in keeping dog kennels clean is to ensure that they are clean and the surrounding area. Remove all dog waste frequently, or perhaps find a way to give your dog some potty training.

Use a water hose and some bleach or detergent mixture every day. It’s vital if you have puppies in the kennels. Ensure that the cleaning product targets all areas of the kennel, including the roofs.

Remember that flies are also attracted to pet feed. So, ensure you remove any uneaten pet food, as it’s likely to attract flies.

Plus, empty the bowls into the trash, and clean each bowl thoroughly using bleach and hot water. Then, rinse it using some hot water again. If the dogs only consume kibble, try and clean the bowls at least once every day.

Use Pet Safe Fly Traps and Insect Repellants

While practicing optimal hygiene is likely to ensure pet kennels are free from flies, you still have to consider secondary measures. These are measures that will be important, especially if you are in areas prone to the presence of flies.

A good example would be in a farmyard that has several cattle. Flies will naturally get attracted to the cow dung, which might transfer to your dogs.

So, consider using modern fly traps because they are highly convenient. A good example would be stick traps or artificial flycatchers.

The good thing about these techniques is that they are entirely safe and suitable for small spaces. These are particularly important if you plan on living with your dog indoors or close by, such as the patio.

What is the best fly repellent for dogs?

Use Best Natural Methods to Get Rid of Flies

There are many solutions you can use to get rid of flies from your dog’s naturally. The most suitable recommendation would be to use these products in the form of a spray. It helps ensure the products get all through the pet’s fur and the kennel’s remote sections.

A good example would be to make an aloe vera vinegar spray. It’s a poisonous product that is likely to repel flies away, although you have to make several applications. Using this approach can be a safe solution for how to keep flies off newborn puppies.

PRO TIP! – remember that you may have to use a unique set of measures for how to keep flies away from dogs. Why? Because a single technique is not often effective alone.

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Can I use Vaseline on dogs’ ears for flies?

No, Vaseline won’t be effective for how to stop flies on my dog’s ears. A better option would be to give your regular pet baths using the right pet detergent products.

What is the best fly control for dog kennels?

The best solution would be to use an all-inclusive method to ensure the flies find it hard to linger around your pets. Use all the techniques mentioned above and not as single measures to ensure the best results.

Are there any recommendations for how to keep flies off my dog naturally?

Yes, there are many natural measures that you can use to keep pests away from your dog. Consider spraying your pet kennel using products such as vinegar and aloe vera. Plus, flies also don’t like the presence of essential oils, so you can use it to spray their kennel.

How do I get rid of black flies on my dog?

The best method would be to give them regular baths, ensure their kennels are clean, and to deodorize the pet as well. Remember to use the right products.


The presence of flies around your dogs should not deter you from owning what many consider as “man’s best friend.” You to find suitable ways for controlling their presence and its easy.

All you need to do is be savvy about pet hygiene and apply some effort to keep them clean. Doing so will mean your dog’s kennels are fly-free and that they also have a pleasing odor. Remember that the best method of getting rid of the flies is to use an all-inclusive approach. So I hope your question on “how to keep flies away from my dog kennels?” is well answered.


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