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How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Roaches

Ever Wondered How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep? The thought of having cockroaches crawling all over your bed is not only creepy but also disgusting. Roaches are filthy tiny pests that no one wants roaming around their house –especially in their bed. While roaches are a very familiar species globally, they often invade our most private spaces. They tend to breed in unsanitary conditions and survive on food particles and a dirty environment. Though roaches do not bite, these bugs can evoke sentiments of fear and disgust. Furthermore, inhaling the skin and feces of these ugly pests can cause asthmatic issues or trigger different allergic reactions. With all that said, you might want to learn more about how to keep roaches away while you sleep. As you already know, roaches can easily climb onto your bed and slither on you while you sleep. Although they don’t like beds, they do love places with food scraps on them. So try and keep your bed clean and avoid eating in it. There are several preventative measures you may take to prevent roaches from getting into your bedroom. But if you think you already a roach infestation, there are several things you can also try before contacting pest controllers.

How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep

The most effortless way to keep roaches out of your bedroom and away from your bed is by keeping them outdoors. It is only by keeping your bedroom tidy that you will be able to keep them out. Let’s look at some simple yet effective ideas on how to prevent cockroaches in the bedroom?

1.     Clean Your Bedrooms Regularly

This may look obvious, but cockroaches are drawn to filth and dirt because they constantly look for new food sources. Ensuring your bedroom is clean at all times is the simplest way to keep roaches away. Start with a thorough cleaning of your bedroom. This includes dusting, washing the floor, scraping the cardboard, remove any old paper, socks tucked under your bed, and so on. Keep stuff off the floor, place dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and so forth. The reason for doing this is because roaches like hiding places, and if compelled to, they will eat things like books and old socks to survive. If you remove these items, cockroaches will no longer have a reason to invade your bedroom.

2.     Block All Entry Points In Your Bedroom

Check for any potential entry points and close them off as quickly as possible. This includes tiny gaps on your skirting-board, cracks in your bedroom wall, open gaps between your window sills, among others. To seal these gaps, use suitable plaster. If you are not a do it yourself person, try approaching your landlord if you are renting. If you are the owner, you can hire a qualified handyperson to assist you.

3.     Using Gel Baits

Another excellent tip on how to keep roaches away while you sleep is using gel baits. Killing these filthy pests may seem barbaric, but if left unchecked cockroaches can also bring about serious issues Gel-based cockroach bait is a fantastic way of eliminating roaches for good.  Not only are gel baits effective, but they are also safer compared to insecticides. Cockroaches habitually find gel baits enticing (thinking it’s food). Once they gobble up the gel, they often die right away or slither back to their hideouts and die there. Each dead roach can kill  30 or so cockroaches. Why! Roaches snack on their dead comrades, in the process, ingesting the poison and die as well. With this cycle repeating itself, it’s only a matter of time before your bedroom is free from roaches. Just spray the gel on small crevices, nooks, and wall cracks where these cockroaches hide, sit back and relax and let the gel do its work. Ever Wonder Why Roaches Die On Their Back?

4.     Do Not Eat Food In Your Bedroom

This should not come as a surprise to anyone, roaches love food crumbs, and it’s probably the only reason they are in your bedroom. One straightforward way to keep roaches away at night is never to snack anything while in your bedroom, especially your bed. Yeah, we know how great it is to have a soothing morning breakfast in bed! But to keep cockroaches away while sleeping, you have to stop serving breakfast in bed. Because anytime you eat food in bed, you risk leaving food crumbs that will attract roaches. If possible, stick to eating either in the dining room or kitchen, then be sure to clean up after use.


Will Keeping Lights On Keep Roaches Away?

Contrary to what many believe, roaches are not frightened by light. While most cockroach species like darkness, some prefer light and can be seen during the night crawling on Tv screens and windows. Most night-time pests will disappear the minute you put on your lights. But all this scattering has nothing to do with light but rather their distrust of humankind. So, will keeping your lights on keep roaches away? That’s a definite No!

Can Roaches Crawl Into Your Mouth When You Sleep?

First of all, there isn’t any reason for a cockroach to try and crawl into your mouth when you sleep, so the probability of this happening is incredibly low. However, there are rare occasions where these filthy creatures have found their way into the mouth of sleeping people. Though without any scientific backing, there is a notion that roaches are attracted to the milk-like breath from babies mouth.

I Saw One Cockroach, Should I be Worried?

Though debatable, if you see one roach, especially during the day, it can be an indication that you have a full blow infestation at hand, and you need to take action immediately. Cockroaches are night-time pests and tend to stay away most of the time. So if you see a roach, chances are there are overcrowded in the nest. They can’t fit in one nest, so they are looking for a new home.
Diseases Caused By Cockroaches

Final Thoughts

Roaches can be a menace, but the best way to keep them away at night is to be pro-active and ensure that they don’t get into the bedroom in the first place. Keep everything clean from the scattered laundry to the kitchen and lastly, don’t eat in the bedroom and if you happen to do, make sure you clean up. Research

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