How to Get Roaches out of Appliances

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Cockroaches are household pests that find refuge alongside human beings. Having them in your house is an eyesore. These creatures will thrive as long as the surrounding conditions are warm and steamy and have easy food access.

But having them lurk around your crib is not pleasant at all since they carry around pathogenic microorganisms well-known to cause diseases.
Worse is if they get into your appliances such as the TV set, refrigerator, or even the microwave. Getting them out is pretty thought-provoking.
Imagine opening your refrigerator one early morning to get some breakfast, and the first thing you see is a colossal roach crawling on your food.

Disgusting right? But before you even think of doing anything, the bug disappears into thin air, leaving you with more questions than answers.
Where did that critter go? Generally, roaches are hideous insects, and they have this habit of flattening their bodies to fit into tiny spaces. They crawl out when it’s dark, probably while you sleep in search of food and mating partners.

Once cockroaches get into your appliances, they can prove to be your worst nightmare. Suppose it is an electrical appliance; they get to work fast, laying eggs, shedding their skin, and even feeding on cable coatings. They are so distractive that within no time, the appliance won’t be functioning.

How to Get Roaches out of Appliances

There a solution to this problem. Given that we have different varieties of appliances, you need to follow specific ways to get them free of roaches. Check out this article to learn how you can get rid of cockroaches in various appliances.

How to Get Roaches out of TV

In most households, a TV set is the most common source of entertainment. Mess with the signal, and you are the recipient of all manner of abuses and thrash talk. However, a cockroach doesn’t understand the importance of this device. The set is just a dark and warm secluded area perfect for laying eggs and raising nymphs, at least to its own understanding.

There are several ways of eliminating cockroaches from your set. You may opt to use a chemical method or a non-chemical one using freezing temperatures.

  • Suppose you decide to use freezing temperatures; all you need to do is pack your TV into a plastic bag to prevent moisture from getting into the equipment and then place it into a freezer. Let it stay for about 3-5 days so that the critters, alongside their freeze to death. If the TV uses an LCD screen, then it cannot be subjected to such temperatures.
  • Another method you can apply is the use of baits. All you have to do is apply the Gel bait around your TV so that the bait is the first thing they encounter when the roaches come out searching for food. Once the bug eats the bait, it goes back into the TV set, where it dies. Other cockroaches may decide to eat the decomposing body without knowing it is poisoned.

You may require to take it to a professional to remove the dead roaches. There are other environmentally friendly methods, such as the use of boric acid or essential oils around your TV set.

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How to Get Roaches out of Xbox One

To some people, an Xbox One console is the most precious device they own. It is the only thing that keeps them away from the harsh reality that is life.  But now the gadget is infested with roaches, and within no time, it will be of no use, an end to your only source of solace after a long day’s work.

Getting the roaches out of the console is not an easy task. You need to be very careful because any thoughtless mistake could mean an end to you ever playing again. There are two ways you can use to get your Xbox One free of roaches. One is the use of compressed air, while the other is by baiting the critters.

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Compressed air

Compressed air can be very resourceful when trying to get cockroaches from your Xbox One. But what kind of compressed air will you be using? Some people use air from the hair drier while others prefer the blower. But these sources are not the most ideal because the pressure is quite intense and may damage the console’s internal parts.

Compressed gases in cans are the best option you can use to get the creepy crawlies out of the console. The pressure is minimal, and it can force out the roaches alongside their feces and decomposing body parts. With this method, you will have your console free from critters and debris.

Using Baits

One thing for sure is that roaches won’t stay in the Xbox One forever. At some point, the need to have a meal will overpower them, and they will come out looking for food and water. That is when the bait comes into play.

You must use bait that keeps the vermin out of the console for good. Some traps are not effective and will neither kill the bugs nor keep them out of the console. If your aim is to kill the roaches, you must use bait that kills them instantly. Don’t place the bait inside the console, as it might destroy the internal parts.

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How to Get Roaches Out of Computers

Some things belong inside a computer, wires, drives, chips, and disks, not cockroaches. These damning creatures have nothing to do with your computer. It is the last thing you’d want cockroaches to infest. You risk losing data from the hard disk and the computer never working again.

Cockroaches love the machine’s warmth since it is conducive to their survival, and the inside provides perfect breeding grounds. But they pose a risk you may never recover from. Getting them out of their comfort zone remains the only option unless you are prepared to face your worst nightmare.

But how do you get these vermin out of your computer? Assuming the cockroaches are still alive, the first thing you need to do is switch off the machine and move it to an enclosed area, let’s say, an empty room. Using a bug spray, spritz inside the computer but not directly on the components.

Wait for an hour or two for the pesticide to perform its magic. Once done, take out the computer to an open area and unscrew the case. Shake off the dead roaches and use a brush to remove stains and a stick to dislodge debris that may be stuck in crevices.

You can also try using natural repellants such as essential oils and plants to scare away the roaches so that they don’t find their way into the PC.

Home Remedies for Cockroaches in Fridge

The refrigerator is basically your food store. It is the first place you go to when you feel hungry and want to grab a bite. But imagine walking into your supposed food store, and the first thing you see is an intrusion of roaches running all over your food as they brawl into hiding. It is the most disappointing thing, especially if you are hungry.

You may choose to ignore it and proceed to get your food but trust me, you will never get over that sight. Worse is you are exposing yourself to thousands of pathogenic microorganisms.

Cockroaches are very hideous, and the refrigerator is a pretty massive piece of appliance. So what should you do to get the critters out of the fridge? Home remedies allow you to use natural products that won’t cause any harm to your food.

Lemon peels and Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a known roach repellent. As you do your routine cleaning, mix the lemon juice with some water and use it to clean the inside of your refrigerator. You may also want to clean your house with this solution to completely keep the roaches away.

The lemon peels that we throw after juicing the fruit also repel roaches. Grind the peels and strategically place them into your refrigerator so that the odor makes the pests uncomfortable. They will have no choice but to eventually come out.

Peppermint Oil

Cockroaches hate the smell of peppermint oil. It may never kill them, but with the oil around, the critters will never know peace. For this to work, add a few drops of peppermint oil into a spray bottle and spritz it in all corners of the refrigerator.

You may also soak a piece of cloth with the oil and wipe the insides of the appliance. If you are dealing with a heavy infestation, peppermint may not be the best solution, but at least it will leave the refrigerator smelling nice.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves may just be the savior you wished for. These leaves have long been used to repel roaches, and most people attest that they work just fine. Like peppermint, they also don’t kill the bugs, but their scent is quite unpleasant to the vermin.

You may choose to use fresh leaves or dried leaves. All work the same way; however, dried ground leaves seem to provide better results. Place them at any point inside the refrigerator, and after a few days, the machine will be roach-free.


It is probably your cat’s favorite plant because of its narcotic effects, but cockroaches have a quite divergent feel. They are sensitive to the smell produced by the plant and can’t stomach it for long. To prepare catnip spray, boil the leaves for about 10 minutes and leave the water to cool before pouring it into a spray bottle.

Spray inside your fridge and around it, especially in areas you suspect the roaches could be hiding. Be careful, especially if you have cats, because they may show psychotic behaviors in case of excessive inhalation.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Sugar is a cockroach’s favorite snack, so how does it keep them away? Basically, sugar is the bait, while basing soda is the poison. Mix sugar and baking soda in equal measure and place the mixture around the refrigerator.

The cockroach will be drawn to the sugar in the mixture, and as it consumes, it also feeds on the baking soda. The baking soda will react with the stomach acids and water, producing excess carbon dioxide, which damages the insides, and the roach eventually dies.

How to Get Roaches out of Electronics

Ever wondered why roaches get into your electronics and manage to make them their colonies? For starters, it is the temperature and darkness inside the devices that make them a suitable site for their nests. That’s where they breed and raise their young ones.

But the vermin can be pretty distractive because they defecate inside the appliances, die, and even eat cable coatings. It would be best if you got them out as soon as possible because once the numbers increase, it becomes difficult to control and may damage your electronics.

So how do you get these critters out of your electronic devices? There are some verified approaches to getting rid of the roaches, but first, you need to be extra careful; some simple mistakes can harm your electronics or yourself. For instance, you may get shocked if you are working with electronics connected to the power socket.

Bait placement

Bait placement seems to be among the best approaches. The baits contain attractants that cockroaches find difficult to resist. Most baits are slow poisons in that before it dies, the cockroach moves around the nesting area spreading the poison without knowing.

When it dies, other roaches feed on the decomposing carcasses, not knowing it is poisoned. Eventually, the poison spreads through the intrusion, killing more cockroaches. One poisoned roach can kill up to forty other bugs inside your appliance.

Freezing out the roaches

Cockroaches love the inside of electronics because they provide warm conditions necessary for their survival. Eliminating these conditions will either kill the cockroaches or scare them away. Freezing involves placing your electronic device into a plastic bag and then inside a freezer.

After 3-5 days, the cockroaches will be dead, and you can open up your appliance to remove the dead roaches.

If your electronic device is equipped with an LCD screen, do not risk using this method since it will get damaged when exposed to such conditions.

Before switching on the appliance, allow it to dry first because condensation occurs, and the water residue may cause it to short circuit.

Using Pesticides

Pesticides kill roaches moments after spraying. It is one of the best ways to get rid of roaches from your electronic devices. Disconnect the device from electricity and spray the insides using a bug spray to eliminate the cockroaches.

Once done, choose an open space and open your device to remove the dead roaches, feces, and brush of their sticky mess from keyboards. Ensure you use the right equipment so that you don’t damage the machine.

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How to Get Roaches Out of Stove

First of all, if you have cockroaches on your stove, it means your entire kitchen is infested. You need to perform a thorough sweep, or else the vermin will find their way back inside the stove. Mind you, the stove is where you cook, so using toxic chemicals may not be advisable.

However, if you have a severe infestation, you might want to suspend cooking for a while until you have the problem sorted out. When roaches infest your kitchen, it would be best to call a professional exterminator because that is where you process all your food. Having them all over just increases the chances of contamination.

You can also use bait gel to trap and kill the roaches. After you are done with the extermination, clean the stove with plenty of water and soap to eliminate the roach smell entirely. Roaches are often attracted by the scent of other cockroaches. You don’t want that happening again.

For long-term effects, you might want to use essential oils when cleaning around the kitchen and have plants known to repel roaches around the kitchen. It will save you big time, and you won’t have to deal with these vile creatures ever again.

How to Get Roaches Out of the Refrigerator Motor

A place that is supposed to store your food isn’t supposed to be crawling with these pesky little monsters. Cockroaches are the last things you would want in your refrigerator, whether inside or at the motor. The inside might not provide the ultimate conditions for the roaches to thrive, but the motor location might just be the best ever location for the cockroaches.

They love the warm temperature, and sooner or later, you will be dealing with an infestation. It would be best to take immediate action and get rid of the critters from the motor because you don’t really want to deal with the problems that come with an infestation.

But how do you get rid of these creepy crawlies from the motor?

Gel Bait

You need to clean below the motor as thoroughly as possible to remove any roach residue such as feces and dead roach debris. Use gel bait and set traps for the roaches since they are pretty hideous creatures. Once they feed on the gel bait, they will walk around the motor, unknowingly spreading the poison to other cockroaches.

Insecticidal dust

Another method you can use is applying insecticidal dust that that contains boric acid inside the motor location.

When using this method, ensure there is no water around because the chemical losses its effectiveness when the roach drinks water. Apply the dust sparingly since the cockroaches are pretty intelligent and may try to avoid it.


The most effective method is having an exterminator deal with the infestation since they have a better chance of locating where the roaches originate and their breeding patterns.

Note that a single round of extermination may not do the work because, after a while, the eggs will hatch. Therefore, listen to your exterminator and observe the schedule to completely deal with the infestation.

Can Cockroaches Survive Inside the Refrigerator?

The conditions inside the refrigerator are not as conducive for the survival and breeding of roaches as the external surroundings.

But as we all know, roaches are hardy creatures and seem to always survive the harshest conditions. Of course, they won’t set camp inside the freezer or the cool section.

Roaches try as much as possible to find warmer places inside the refrigerator. For instance, they will squeeze to fit in door gaskets where they also deposit their eggs. So if the door gaskets can be described as the inside of a refrigerator, then yes. Cockroaches can survive inside the fridge.

How to Get Roaches Out of ps4

Your ps4 console is the last place you want cockroaches to invade. Maybe that’s the only place you find relief after having a long day at work. But you risk losing the ps4 console and the game data by having roaches make it their home. Not only are they disgusting, but their feces and greasy habitats can easily short circuit your gaming device.

The only option is to get rid of the console roaches to save yourself from the misery and anguish. However, the presence of roaches in your console is just a hint of a much bigger problem. Worse is your entire house infested with the dreaded roach, and you might want to call an exterminator.

But immediate problems first, you need to remove the roaches from the console. You can use several methods, such as freezing them to death or blowing them with compressed air. Pesticides also work but ensure they are not liquid-based because you can accidentally short circuit the ps4 console.

Use pressurized air

When using pressurized air, take the ps4 outside to prevent spreading the bugs in your house. Open it and blow the air inside the console. Once the roaches are out, clean the console by wiping off the greasy surfaces and removing the debris that sticks in crevices.


Freezing is also a seemly method of getting rid of the roaches, especially if your aim is to kill them alongside their eggs. Insert the ps4 console inside a plastic bag and then place it in a freezer for about 3-5 days. The cockroaches will die, and the eggs will also freeze and never hatch. Open it and remove the debris and leave the console to dry before powering it on.


A roach spray may also work well, but you need to ensure the console is powered off. Spray around your gadget and the inside corners of your cabinet. However, you may want to step outside after spraying because of the toxicity of the chemicals.

Can Cockroaches Survive Washing Machine?

The tough nature of these crawlies might make you think they can survive any condition. But there is always a limit, and some conditions are utterly unbearable. There is a myth that roaches can survive the machine wash cycle. But the assumptions cross the science.

Yes, cockroaches thrive in warm conditions and can even survive inside water for about 40 minutes. But can they survive heat above 125 degrees? Of course not. The temperatures are too high and will boil its insides before it dies. Besides, cockroaches die sooner when the water is warm.

Most washing detergents include borax as an active ingredient. Borax is very toxic to cockroaches because the detergent washes of the grease that protect the cuticles. The roach will lose moisture from the body and eventually die of dehydration.

Conclusively, roaches can’t survive a washing machine. The conditions are too extreme, and the roach will die either from dehydration or inability to breathe.

How to Get Roaches Out of My Laptop

Having roaches in your laptop could mean losing your data from the hard drive or the machine getting spoiled. They love the inside of your laptop because of the heat and the cool breeze from the fan. These are enough conditions for the roaches to thrive. It is crucial to get them out before they make a nest out of your machine.

Some would jokingly advise you to start your computer in debugging mode or switch off the internet to show them who is in charge. But that won’t work because roaches are a physical problem and those witty solutions are for software problems.

Compressed air

The best solution would be to blow them out using a can of compressed air. Cockroaches don’t like pressurized environments and will take off as fast as they can. It would be best to perform this exercise outside to prevent the roaches from sneaking into your house.

Gel Bait

You can also use bait traps to get the roaches out of the laptop. Of course, cockroaches can’t stay inside the laptop forever. In due course, they will be overcome by the need for food and water. Take this weakness to your advantage by placing the bait trap strategically around your laptop. The moment they step out to scavenge for food, the bait is the first thing they encounter. They will eat and spread the poison to other roaches.

Using essential oils around your working area can also prevent roaches from finding their way into your laptop. You can also use plants that repel roaches or set traps using borax.

How to Get Roaches out Microwave

Having cockroaches invade your microwave is as repulsive as it sounds. These insects are known to spread diseases, and them finding their way into your microwave calls for immediate action. That is where you prepare your meals, and these nauseating pests just made it their home.

But what ways can you use to get rid of the roaches without using toxic chemicals that can contaminate your food? If you have a severe infestation, you might want to suspend cooking for some time since the use of chemicals might be necessary.

  • Unplug the microwave and place it outside, then use a disinfectant cleaner to thoroughly clean the insides. Once it is clean, use a piece of cloth to dry off the moisture and allow it to dry in the sun.
  • Using a roach killer, spray the inside and back of the microwave. Let it sit for about an hour for the chemical to do its job. Because you used a pesticide, some residue might remain in the microwave, which can contaminate your food
  • Remove the dead roaches and any other roach debris from the machine and clean it once more with water and detergent. Wipe off the water with a piece of cloth and let the microwave dry before turning it on.

Note that roaches in your microwave are just a sign of a much bigger problem. There are higher chances your kitchen is heavily infested, and you need the help of an exterminator.

Can I Spray Raid In My Microwave

Spraying Raid in your microwave should be the last option because the pesticide contains toxic chemicals that can contaminate your food and be injurious to your health. If you have a severe infestation using pesticides may be the only sensible solution. After spraying the pesticide, clean the microwave with enough water and detergent to eliminate any residue.

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Bottom Line

Most appliances use electricity which means they produce heat as a by-product. The warm temperature inside the appliance is the main reason they find it suitable for nesting and breeding. They will lay eggs, hatch, and establish colonies that may be difficult to eliminate.


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But for every problem people, always strive to find a solution. Getting rid of roaches from appliances may be quite a hurdle, especially if you have an infestation. You may opt for the services of an exterminator or use pesticides to kill the roaches.

In some appliances, such as consoles, you can place them in plastic bags and freeze the roaches to death. The use of bait traps is also effective, especially if you want to kill the roaches alongside the entire intrusion.

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