How To Get Rid Of Cockroach Smell

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The day has finally come, and you and your family are out shopping for a new apartment. You check out a few buildings and surprise! This is the one you all scream!

So you call the landlord to open it so that you can have a look at the inside. Then a stinky, strong smell hits you from nowhere?
Oh! Where is that stinky smell coming from? You ask, and the landlord is truthful enough to tell you the place was once infested with roaches.

After consulting with the family members and against all odds, you decide to sign the lease anyway. And now you are wondering how you will get rid of this cockroach smell?

Continue reading to learn more on how to get rid of cockroach smell?

A roach infestation can cause problems in various ways, but one of the most unpleasant ways is the stink associated with them.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroach Smell

A strong cockroach infestation will leave your studio, building, apartment, home, or office with an unbearable stench. So, what causes cockroach odor, and how can you get rid of cockroach smell?

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How Does A Cockroach Smell Like?

Individuals who have smelled roaches before say that it ranges from “it stinks” to “the worst odor they have ever experienced.”. Sadly, they are not overstating, specifically, those who have recently had a major roach infestation in their dwellings.

Cockroach smell is often described with terms like gross, dingy, or moldy smell. The oriental cockroach is said to have one of the foulest smells, but other roach species also emit a foul smell.

What Causes Roach Smell?

Apart from carrying a host of harmful diseases, cockroaches have their own natural odor, which they release, especially when in large groups. If you start smelling a powerful cockroach odor, chances are you have a full-blown roach infestation. So, what causes cockroach smell?

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As stated above, roaches emit a chemical-like scent referred to as pheromones, which roaches use to communicate with each other. Roaches release this odor on different occasions, such as when trying to mate, when they die or calling fellow roaches to a suitable nesting spot.

Another cause of cockroach smell is feces; you can imagine thousands of roaches pooping in one corner of the house; the smell can be, let’s say, overwhelming. Lastly, when roaches die, they give out that decaying stench.

Now that we know what causes the unpleasant smell let’s see how to get rid of cockroach smell?

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How To Get Rid Of Cockroach Smell

The first and the most critical step in eliminating cockroach smell is finding the cockroach nests. It is essential to take your time in identifying the most visible areas where the cockroaches can be found. this is undoubtedly the most promising place to find the unpleasant smell.

After finding the nest, you need to get rid of the roaches first; then, you can happily continue removing the feces, dead skins and dead cockroaches. After that, begin the cleaning areas with disinfectants, then wipe the area dry.

Finally, apply cockroach repellants and insecticides to deter other roaches from entering your house again.

How Do You Get Rid Of Roach Smell In Other Specific Locations?

1.     How to Get Rid of Cockroach Smell on Clothes?

It’s rather embarrassing when your clothes have a cockroach smell? Imagine your friends asking you why your clothes are smelling. Washing your garments thoroughly is the best thing to do. If you search on Google, you will quickly realize that you need to use distilled white vinegar for the best results.

2.     How to get rid of cockroach smell in cabinets?

To get rid of cockroach smell in cabinets, you first need to remove all things from the cabinet, including clothes, towels, shoes etc. Then spay all corners with a strong disinfectant, be sure to use one that will not destroy your cabinet or one that’s harmful to you and the environment.

3.     How to get rid of cockroach smell in the microwave?

Cockroaches love microwaves, the spills, greasy content, food crumbs – you name it. But how do you get rid of the roach smell in a microwave? Before you do anything, first unplug the microwave- you don’t want to get fried.

Then remove the microwave components one by one. Using a strong cleaner, clean each component one by one. After cleaning, place a roach deathtrap to see if any roaches remain. Finally, wipe both the microwave’s interior and exterior, let it dry, and place it back in the kitchen.

4.     How To Get Roach Smell Out Of Electronics?

Your electronics are smelling like cockroaches, and you are stressing what to do to get rid of cockroaches’ smell from your electronics. Turn off the electronic, clean the gadget with a strong disinfectant. After a few hours, wipe the device with a dry towel. Once the smell is gone, return the electronic to its original place.


Do Cockroaches Smell Like Urine?

While most people with cockroach infestation have reported a moldy, oily and stinking smell, others believe that the cockroach nests had a urine-like smell –and this is entirely not wrong considering you are dealing with a roach infestation. The amount of poop and urine can be overwhelming.

Why Do Roaches Smell When You Kill Them?

Other than the rotten smell, when cockroaches die, they produce a unique acidic odor called the death stench. The dead roach emits this unpleasant stench to warn other roaches to be careful not to find themselves in the same situation.

If you kill like 50 roaches, be sure the message will be passed loud and clear..and as for you, be ready for a stinking odor.


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Can a Roach smell make you sick?

Some people can become allergic or sick, especially if they are exposed to the stinky roach scent over some time. You might also experience a stomach disorder.


The best way to get rid of cockroach smell is to prevent cockroaches from entering your house. Keeping the house clean will keep away roaches and eliminate any smell left behind by the cockroaches.

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