How to get rid of corn flies/ hover flies

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Are corn flies a big menace at your Homestead or crop field? If the answer is yes, worry not since you will be guided on how to get rid of corn flies for good.

However prior to doing so, it is only but wise to know what they are. Hopefully the nitty gritty aspects of this guide will be beneficial to you.

What are Corn flies?

Have you ever come across a corn fly? Well, it is a type of fly that hovers around frequently in places.

Corn flies are also known as hover flies or flower flies. They sometimes look like wasps; hence some people fear them and confuse them with wasps.

However, corn flies are stingless insects. They often feed on nectar and pollen. Due to similarity in color to wasps, one can only be troubled when meeting with them.

Corn flies are much like sweat bees. They possess a golden color with dark rings around their abdomen. There are about 6000 species in 200 general. 

How to Get rid of Corn flies around your Homestead

Some people will find it challenging to cohabit with these flies, especially around the house, right? There are some ways you apply around that will help you to do it.

Corn flies are attracted to sugary things, and that is why you may find then over your sugar container. Don’t worry; here are ways you use to get rid of them very quickly.

1. Purchase a flytrap

When you are shopping for fly traps, it is noteworthy that you comprehend as to whether you need to entirely or partially eliminate them.

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Thus since it resembles a wasp, they get terrorized. Some fly traps may end up killing them, while others would only slow them and not kill them. Utilizing an appropriate fly trap to solve such a predicament is a witty thing to do.

An example of a fly trap is the Fly tape. Fly tapes are sticky materials that are usually on the wall of the house. It would be best if you attracted them to the trap.

Therefore, you need some sugary substances like sugar suspension or corn oil. When you do this, you may easily trap them.

2. Utilize vinegar as bait

Corn flies are easily attracted to vinegar. You devise a container or soft drink (soda) bottle that you can put vinegar.

Mix it with a drop of liquid soap. When you prepare such a solution, corn flies will be attracted to the vinegar and held by the solvent.  

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3. Using sugar solution 

You put some spoonful of sugar in some amount of water in plate or bowl. Cover the container with a clear plastic that has small holes enough to allow in the corn flies.

When the flies get into the trap, they will find it hard to get out and become trapped.

4. Plant insect-feeding plants 

Ever heard of fly trapping plants? Well, there are two commonly known plants; Sundew and Venus flytrap.

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These plants always have a mechanism to attract corn flies and kill them to use them as a source of protein for themselves. They are very vital plants to possess around your house.  

5. Use remote-controlled zappers 

Zapper attracts corn flies around your house, and you electrocute them using your remote.

Some zapper are charged, and its installation is just like bulbs hanged over under the ceiling of your home.

6. Purchase a fan should you lack one 

Fans increase the speed of air around your house. Corn flies will hate to stay around oscillating fans since it hinders their movement around.

You will need to keep your fan on always in case the corn flies visit your house frequently. When the flies always find such in-conducive environments, they will move elsewhere.

7. Grow flowers around your Homestead

Unequivocally you will find it annoying to stay with corn flies. Should you find it arduous to undertake the stipulated above measurements, it is way better to have a friendly means of curbing these insects.

You can grow flowering plants around your house. These plants should be able to provide nectar and pollen to them. Understandably nectar and pollen are the primary sources of food for them.

When you have flowers around the house, corn flies will have a conducive environment to lay eggs.

Growing flowers is a primary means of curbing these flies when their eggs reach the larvae stage. After which you should have discovered an alternative means of destroying them in their larvae stage.

If you don’t wish to kill them, you can leave them and be ascertained that none will bother you.

8. Purchase insect repellents 

 It is another friendly method of scaring away corn flies. There are several fly repellents you can find in the market inclusive of·        

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Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that the use of such a synthetic method is not recommended. This is simply because you can easily create damages and health concerns for your family members and pets.

These fly repellents are generally in the form of aerosol sprays. Sprays are most flammable, and any careless handling can cause damages in the case of fires.

9. Hiring pest control services

All in all, should you fail in all your endeavors of controlling corn flies; you can hire a pest control service in your area if the infestation is pissing you off.

Professionals will get rid of these corn flies impeccably, and you will never have to nag yourself about corn flies.

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Now that you can easily compare a corn fly and a wasp by color and body characteristics, you needn’t panic when around. Corn flies don’t sting or bite.

When there are many corn flies in your garden, you can easily eradicate pests around you.

When you see a large population of corn flies around you, it is advisable to use eco-friendly methods stated above. These methods will help to retain them in the environment because of their biological benefits.

Use the above techniques, depending on the effectiveness and number of corn flies around you.


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Good luck with eliminating those stubborn corn flies.

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