What Do I Need To Cover Before Bug Bombing

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It has come to that time when you are fed up with bed bug bites, and you are thinking of bed bug bombing these crawling creatures. Read on to understand more about bed bug bombing and what to cover when bug bombing?

Regrettably, bed bugs are some of the most challenging pests to get rid of quickly. Hiring a pest control expert is by far the best option for combating any bed bug infestation. However, this option can prove to be costly and out of reach for many people.

So what other options do you have that doesn’t need breaking the bank? Have you ever heard of “Bed bug bombs”? The secret to eradicating bed bugs is to ensure that you terminate all of them. And that’s why many people prefer bed bug bombs.

What are Bed Bug Bombs?

The concept of bed bugs bombs is pretty simple. Essentially, these are aerosol canisters containing pyrethrins insecticides. And when you open the cans, the solvent sprays up into the air creating a fine haze or fog.

Once the mist-like powder forms, it glides through the air and slowly falls to the floor. With a bed bug boom, it is easy to cover a broad section with little effort.

Point to note: – when using bed bugs boom, you must vacate the premises immediately after opening the can. Even if you are wearing protective clothing, it’s not good for your health to be in a closed room when the chemical cloud is released.

It would be best if you also stayed away from the premises for the duration specified by the manufacturer.

How to Clean After a Bug Bomb

What Do I Need To Cover Before Bug Bombing

Now that you know what bed bug bombs are, let’s get to the more serious questions. Yes, you have bug-bombed the house. Will the bug bomb destroy things in the home? To be more precise, will a bug bomb ruin clothes if I bug bomb the bedroom?

Protecting Your Clothes While Using A Bug Bomb

Fast of all, before you use a bug boom, you should take time to prepare by protecting your belongings. It’s critical to note that bed bug bombs aren’t picky. When you open the fogger, the chemical will spread, covering everything in that room.

Now imagine your clothes, beddings, curtains, and the rest covered with a pesticide chemical. Will the bug bomb chemical ruin your clothes, you may ask? Not really, unless in exceptional cases where chemical residue can burn the specific fabric.

So why should you cover your clothes? The reason is if your clothes come into contact with these chemicals, and you happen to wear them. You will transfer the substances to your body, and it might cause some grim health problems.

Before you use a bug bomb, make sure you cover all your clothes tightly. Once you are done with fogging, and somehow your clothes have been fogged, wash them straight away.

What about electronics, will a bug fogger damage electronics?

Do I Need To Cover My Electronics while bed bugging bombing?

Another question that usually pops up when bug bombing is will a bug fogger damage your electronics? While items like a door handle, light switches, bulbs, and kitchen top can withstand a bug-bombing operation, electronic devices can not. Various studies have shown that exposing your electronic gadgets to bed bug bombing chemicals can cause irreversible damage to your electronic gadget.

Researchers believe that the chemical compounds used to make bed bug foggers are corrosive and may cause long-term damage to electronic devices. Fogging products also contain water, the number one component that causes corrosion.

A drop of water to an exposed electronic circuit board can lead to corrosion, making the electronic gadgets fail. Frequent bug-bombing of electronic devices can result in equipment deterioration and functional failures.

Things To Do Before Setting Off A Bed Bug Bomb In Your Premises

It is advisable that if you are thinking of painting or washing your walls, you should do that before setting off a bed bug bomb. If done after the operation, it might neutralize the long-term efficacy of the foggers.

You should store all kitchen appliances inside the cabinets. But if you have a severe problem, remove the utensils, place them on a table, and then secure them with a table cloth. Remember to wash the fabric afterward.

Additionally, there should be no cooked food in the kitchen. It would be best if you kept it inside the fridge or in sealed containers. This way, you will lessen the possibility of taking any poisonous substance.

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FAQ when bug bombing

What Do You Do When You Return After The Bed Bug Bombing?

The family shouldn’t enter the house a few hours after fogging. One person should enter the house alone and open all the windows and turn on the fans. Give it two to three more hours for the rooms to air out before letting your family back to the house. Don’t forget to wear your protective gear!

Once the air this clear, it’s time for some serious cleaning! Wash anything that could have come into contact with chemical residue.

Will A Bug Bomb Kill My Plants?

Bug bombs or foggers usually contains toxicant and pesticides that can help you kill bed bugs in your home. Currently, there are so many brands available in the market. While your family and pets must stay away from the house while you are bug bombing, it’s a different story with house plants!

You don’t have to remove them as the chemicals pose no danger to them.

What Do You Do If You Suspect Anyone Has Been Exposed To Foggers?

Act swiftly and move the individual outside for fresh air right away. If their reaction and condition are serious or prolonged, it’s prudent to seek medical attention. Don’t forget to carry the container. It might help the doctors in determining the proper treatment.

Best Way To Repel Bed Bugs From Biting You


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Yeah, bed bugs are nasty bugs that are so difficult to get rid of because they are so dynamic and skilled at hiding. That’s why for many people, a bed bug bomb appears to be the quickest way to eliminate these crawling bloodsuckers.

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