How Do Bed Bug Traps Work

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Nothing is more refreshing in life than a good night’s sleep! Now, imagine a scenario where you are up all night scratching every part of your body. Sleeping has become torturous because your bedroom is infested with tiny creepy crawlers.

And you are gaping on what to do. Don’t worry! You are on the right path.

It’s a fact that bed bugs can’t fly – they have to walk, climb and crawl to reach you. Even though the best way to eliminate bed bug infestation is by getting professional help, the other most effective way of preventing bed bugs from biting you is using Bed Bug traps.

Studies have shown that bed bug traps have a significant impact on fighting bed bug infestation.

So how do bed bug traps work? Read on to uncover everything about bedbug traps, plus how they work.

What Are Bed Bug Traps?

Just as the name suggests, Bed bug traps are devices that can catch bed bugs. The pests wander into the traps and get entrapped. These devices help you monitor their activities and significantly reduce their population. There are numerous types of bed bug traps, from basic DIY traps to factory manufactured bed bud traps.

Some bed bug traps use sticky glue, while others have slippery walls that bugs can’t climb out.

How Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

So how do bed bugs work? Well, bed bug traps work as a preventive tool that you can use to safeguard yourself and your family.

For bed bugs to reproduce and grow, they have to feast on human blood. Bed bugs need to feed every 6-12 days to be able to procreate and grow their colony. And Bed bug traps can help you prevent this from happening.

Some traps will catch the bed bugs as they crawl up and down the legs of the bed. Other traps lure the bugs by producing carbon dioxide and heat. The bugs will crawl up into the trap, thinking it’s a human being, and they get traped. The traps are usually made in a way that Bugs can’t climb out.

Most of the time, you find the bugs stuck inside the bed bug traps; they are usually hopeless and exhausted for using most of their strength trying to get out.

Best Way To Repel Bed Bugs From Biting You

When Do You Use Bed Bug Traps?

Although bed bug traps alone will not necessarily eradicate the bed bugs quickly overnight, they can be exceedingly helpful in both monitoring and destroying bed bugs that are out to bite you.

Anyone who suspects they have bedbugs in their home should use bed bug traps whenever possible. Compared to what they do, they are incredibly cheap. Plus, this method does not involve the use of chemicals or any toxins.

It’s a no-brainer –if you think you have bed bugs in your home, you most definitely need bed bud traps.

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How To Use Bed Bug Traps?

There are different types of traps out there, so how to properly use them depends on which one you buy. The traps are typically placed around the legs of your bed to trap any bed bugs that are crawling up your bed.

Ok, now that we know how to use bed bug traps, let’s look at the different types of bed bug traps available out there and how they work.

1.      How Do Bed Bug Glue Traps Work

Using Glue traps is pretty simple. You place the glue trap around the legs of your bed, and when the little guys want to feed, they will have to crawl over the glue trap, and they get stuck.

Using glue traps is an easy way to detect if you have any bed bugs in your house. However, they are not very effective, especially if you have a full-blown infestation, because they tend to fill pretty fast. Furthermore, the glue will dry out after some time.

2.     How do bed bug interceptors work

Another popular bed bug trap is the bed bug interceptors. So how do bed bug interceptors work?   Interceptors are designed on the fact that bed bugs are not very good at scaling up slippery surfaces. You place them underneath the legs of your bed, and when the bugs try to climb up, they get trapped.

The idea with bed bug interceptors is that it’s easy for bed bugs to climb into plastic interceptors, but once in, that’s where the struggle starts! The inside part is made of slippery powder that makes it very hard for the bed bugs to get out. “sometimes known as the pitfall traps. ”

Even though interceptors are effective, they won’t be of any use if your bed is against the wall or you have beddings touching the floor. The little freaks will use the wall to climb up.

3.     How do ortho bed bug traps work

Ortho bed bug trap is a small, easy-to-carry, and effective device that will help you detect and trap bed bugs. It is very easy to use – once you activate and place it under your bed or anywhere you suspect bed bug activities. It will start emitting humans-like pheromones, which will confuse and lure the bed bugs to the trap.

And within no time, you have caught very many bed bugs. It is estimated that within the first two hours, you will have started seeing results. The luring scent can last for about two weeks.

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How Long Do Bed Bug Traps Last?

The best bet is probably 2-3 months for most traps though there are some like the tape traps that need to be changed any time they become less sticky.

What Do You Do With The Trapped Bed Bugs?

You can bag them and carefully throw them away, or you can opt to freeze them then throw the bag away. Another option is hitting the bugs with hot steam; this should kill them in seconds.

What Can You Do If Your Bed Does Not Have Legs To Trap?

You can place sticky traps inside all the cracks in your home. And also around the edges of the mattress that’s touching the floor. This will take some time to figure out the best spots to place the sticky traps.


Though bed bugs are some of the toughest pests to eradicate, with the right mind and the right tools, it is possible to rid them from your life. Although bed bug traps will take time to eliminate the bugs, it’s a convenient and straightforward way to start.


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