How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Lemon

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Similar to nasty sunburns and faulty air conditioners, fruit flies are just something you have to contend with during summer, right? Wrong. There are various ways you can use to combat the presence of fruit flies. Plus, a significant number of them are natural solutions, so they are safe, affordable, and simple to use.

In this guide, we take a look at how to get rid of fruit flies with lemon.

Even the best kitchen composter is likely to experience fruit flies at some point. You consume lots of fruit, and the kids sometimes forget to empty the trash. So, this guide shows why lemon can be a convenient addition to your insect replant regimen.

Why Does Lemon Work to Prevent Fruit Flies?

Just so you know, lemon “DOES NOT” kill fruit flies. Many people think the acid in lemon has a part to play in eradicating the flies. However, you only use it to lure them into a customized trap; you can use it to kill them.

Plus, you may have to get the overripe lemons because they are the most effective at attracting fruit flies. Once the lemon dries and up losses its potency, you may have to cut a fresh pair and set it again in your trap.

Using lemon is common among many homeowners because it’s convenient and a safe alternative to using aerosols. Plus, it’s also a fruit, which many people have in their fridges, and it’s also readily available at the grocery store.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

So, are fruit flies attracted to lemon juice? Yes, they are, and it’s why these fruits the central ingredients in this fly control method. The following are practical ideas, and you can use them as inspiration to come up with your DIY traps. Below are things you need to know:

Things You Will Need

  • Freshly cut lemon
  • A jar
  • Honey
  • Rubber band
  • Transparent polythene
  • An Oven

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Version 1 of the Lemon for Fruit Flies Trap

  1. Get rid of any item that might be attracting the fruit flies. Consider emptying trashcans, cleaning the dishes, and all the other areas in your house. Plus, clean all surfaces using some bleach. You are doing this for general hygiene and to get the flies to focus solely on your trap.
  2. Get a clean jar, and then place some freshly cut lemon inside. You can use one that still has some juice in it or has been sitting in the trash bag. You can apply some honey on top of the lemon to help make it more attractive to the flies.
  3. Stretch a piece of plastic over the jar, and use a rubber band to hold it in a single position. Ensure the plastic sits stable over the plastic jar, as any movement can provide space for the flies to escape.
  4. Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap. Ensure the holes are large enough for the flies to pass through but small so they won’t get back out. If the holes are too large, the flies might easily find the way outside the trap. If you wondering how to get rid of fruit flies with lemon juice, this method is still applicable. You have to replace the lemon in the jar, with some juice.
  5. Then, place the jar close to where these flies frequent and wait. By the next morning, you should come across a few fruit flies inside the jar. You can make up to three jars of this setup to increase your efficiency.

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Version 2 of The Lemon for Fruit Flies Trap

  1. Cut the lemon in two, and place them on the top rack of your oven. Then, let it sit for a few hours. You do this to help the flies get accustomed to the presence of the lemon.
  2. Ensure you leave the oven off, but the door should be partially ajar. You will leave it ajar to provide entry space for the flies.
  3. Wait for a few hours before you close the door, and switch on the broiler. The heat will kill most of the flies before they escape.
  4. Then, switch it off and remove the lemons. The heat should have burnt the flies into ash.

PRO TIP – be careful when using the oven as some of them get excessively hot. Plus, remove the lemons before they burn, as they can produce thick smoke.

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Does Lemon Kill Fruit Flies Naturally?

NO! Lemon juice won’t kill fruit flies naturally, as it’s a food source for them. However, you can use it as part of your lure trap. Lemon is not practical for cleaning surfaces or even spraying as a part of insect repellant.

What is the Best Way to Use Lemon to Kill Fruit Flies?

The best way to use lemon to kill flies would be to set it in a jar and dab it with some honey. The scent and taste of these ingredients will attract lots of fruit flies.

Are Fruit Flies Attracted to Lemon and Lemon Beverages?

Yes, fruit flies are attracted to the scent and taste of lemon. It’s why you should never leave any lemons or their residue on the surfaces of your home.

Is It Possible to Learn How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Lemon Grass?

Yes, it’s possible to learn how to get rid of fruit flies using lemongrass. You can use it to make a boiled beverage that you can use to attract the flies. Ensure you use large amounts to make the mixture potent enough to attract the flies.

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Getting rid of flies using natural methods is highly convenient and affordable. Learning how to get rid of fruit flies with lemon can save you hundreds of dollars in aerosols. You have to learn to use it the right way and buy a few lemons next time at the grocery. Remember that lemons only lure the flies but won’t necessarily kill them. After that, you should have a long-term and safe solution to get rid of fruit flies.

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