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What Purpose Do Flies Serve?

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Flies

What Purpose Do Flies Serve?

Everything has a purpose in this world, especially if it has biological roots. It does not matter if it’s the soil’s fauna that feeds on the decomposing matter or the hyenas that roam the Amazon.

Bizarre, as it may seem, the same concept also applies to the purpose of flies. They are the most diverse insect species, with over more than 150,000 being identified by research globally.

Well, they serve various purposes, including consuming rotten food, being pollinators, and more. However, it is good to be aware of their health risks as well.

What Purpose Do Flies Serve?

What is the Significance of Flies?

Most people classify flies as unwanted guests because they are an embarrassment, pose health risks, and more. However, why do flies exist? Below are a few key reasons you can consider:

Alternate Pollinators

Did you know that flies play a significant role in the pollination of different types of plant species? Even if they are not as effective as some birds or bees at this process, researchers have shown the flies are crucial in pollination.

Many true flies are attracted to various types of plants. These include hoverflies, bee flies, and more. They travel from plant to plant in search of nectar. However, their visits also mean that they transfer nectar from plant to plant.

Most of the flowers that need them often don’t have the correct characteristics to attract bees. These plants’ colors are usually dull and might sometimes have a rotting scent to help attract flies. A few of these plants can include paw, paw, catnip, red trillium, and wild ginger.

Predator and Prey

Flies also play an essential role in the traditional food chain. They serve the role of both predator and prey. To be specific, they are a significant food source for many birds, including insects, mammals, birds, and more.

Plus, fishermen in some regions of the world often keep track of the preference of game fish. They do this to make it easy to choose the correct fly lure solutions for a given season. Why? It’s because choosing the right fly will have an impact on the fisherman’s success.

Most fly larvae are excellent parasites, with a good example being the “government fly or friendly fly.” It feeds on aphids, which are known to be leading threats to food crops.

What Diseases do Flies Carry?

Dedicated Decomposers

Unappealing as they seem, flies and their larvae make up for a significant aspect of nature’s clean-up crew. They are many species in this category. A good example would be blowflies, which often lay their eggs in carcasses.

The maggots go through their life cycles as they use the carcasses as a source of food. In particular, they break down the rotting flesh into organic material. These then turn into nutrients that are re-absorbed back into the soil.

Plus, some other fly types lay eggs in manure, a maggot food source. They break down the manure, which makes them an essential aspect of food chains.

Why do flies bother humans?

Strong Indicator of Rotten Products or Unwanted Smells

Sometimes, it not easy to tell whether a dead carcass is up in the attic or the source of the unusual smell in your property. Without flies, it would take several hours or even days before you get to the problem.

In some cases, you may even have to invest in the services of a professional fly removal company. However, flies can be a free and convenient way to tell these unwanted smells or even carcasses. You have to track the place or surface that they are most attracted to in your property. So, its easy to rank this as another useful answer to, “what is the purpose of house flies?”

Flies benefits

Why You Should Know About the Purpose of Flies


Next time before you call a home maintenance service, or use an aerosol spray on flies, consider their importance as well. Below are a few key reasons you need to know about the purpose of flies:

  • Their role impact is significant – flies have a significant role to play in the environment, and not many people are aware of this aspect.
  • It can help you choose sustainable measures – being informed will make you better at choosing solutions for getting rid of the flies. what would happen if flies went extinct? Its an issue that could compromise various food chains.

Why are Flies Dying in My House?


Is There Any Economic Importance of Housefly?

Yes, there is a slight economic benefit of houseflies. They help break down rotting carcasses and food, which can be health risks. Plus, they also contribute towards the pollination of various food crops, which are sources of income.

Can We Live Without Flies?

Larvae can consume various types of organic waste, and they break it down into nutrients that are easy for plants to absorb. Without flies, bacteria and various other forms of life would find it easy to use dead carcasses.

What Would Happen if We Killed All the Flies?

Doing so would cause a significant compromise to the food chain. Several species might die out, primarily as bacteria, and various other small animals rely on flies’ activities. Plus, dead animal carcasses would also fill up the streets, and animal waste as well.

Do Flies Have a Role to Play in Pollination?

Yes, flies have a significant role to play in this process. Bees are sometimes not attracted to dull-colored plants or those that have inadequate nectar. Such plants resort to techniques such as producing smells like those of rotting animals. It helps attract flies, which in turn helps with pollination.

How are housefly useful to humans?


Even if it may seem unusual, flies are essential components of the environment. They are not just here to make your life uncomfortable. Flies also have a purpose because they are vital pollinators and decomposers.

Plus, the benefits of flies to humans are also many including helping to get rid of carcasses. It’s important to be aware of such facts because they can make you better selectors of ways to get rid of them.

Why Do Horse Flies Bite?

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