How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Drain

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Wondering how to get rid of fruit flies in drain? We all know that feeling. One moment you are busy entertaining your guests, and the next, you notice flies on your kitchen countertop.

Or, you are perhaps sitting in the living room, and a few flies won’t let you host guests with comfort. It can be an embarrassing experience, let alone posing a health risk, especially if they land on your meals.

However, getting rid of these insects is not easy when you don’t have the correct information.

So, we take a look at how to get rid of fruit flies in the drain?

The first step is to learn issues associated with this process, the things you can do about it, and more.

Issues of Flies in Drain

There are various issues associated with the presence of flies in your drain. The first one would be that it can be an embarrassing experience, especially if you have guests over the weekend.

To be specific, the presence of a drain fly is enough to show that part of your home lacks proper hygiene. Plus, it’s also enough to lead to various health issues, particularly when the flies land on your food.

They can transmit pathogens and dirt that will contaminate your meals. The presence of these winged insects is also likely to lead compromise the value of your property, as it might indicate hygiene issues to potential clients.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Drain?

Things You Can Do About It

You have a few practical options when it comes to getting rid of fruit flies in drain. A few proven suggestions to consider include:

1.    Pour Hot Water or Bleach Down the Drain

Drains have several aspects, which make them the perfect habitat for drain flies. Plus, they are also often moist, which means the drain flies can lay eggs and proliferate. Pouring hot water down the drain will help kill the larvae and flies with a nest inside your drain.

Try and pour the water at least twice a day until you notice a reduction in the presence of these flies.  Using this approach should be suitable for how to get rid of fruit flies in shower drain.

What of how to get rid of flies with bleach? Well, it pretty much works the same way as using hot water. Plus, you can use the bleach to clean around countertops, sinks, and more.

2.    Work on Improving Hygiene

You may also have to work on your kitchen hygiene. Usually, the presence of drain flies is indicative of products they consume as food. These winged insects thrive on rotten fruit, food, pet waste, animal carcasses, and more.

So, any of the above issues might be the main attractant for all those flies in your kitchen. Consider using strong detergents and acidic sprays on countertop surfaces, such as those made using vinegar.

Plus, remember to learn how to get rid of fruit flies in drain with baking soda. Baking soda is popular because it’s cheap, effective, and readily available.

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3.    Prepare a DIY Fly Trap

DIY traps are surprisingly effective once you get the idea behind their functionality. Most of them involve using the preferred food sources for drain flies. A few excellent DIY trap examples for insects you can make at home include:

  • Vinegar, apple cider, and soap trap – Mix some apple cider and vinegar. Place the mixture in a jar. Then, get a paper, and use it to make a funnel structure, which you shall place above the mixture. Ensure that it sits on top of the jar, such that the insects can get in and find it hard to get out.
  • Use the water and coin trap – the concept behind this method is that flies don’t like hanging around water bodies. So, place, some water in bag, and insert a coin inside the bag. Close the water bag tightly, and place it strategically on the window.

4.    Get A Fly Catcher

It refers to a highly efficient tool that you can use to catch flies. The good thing about most of these catchers is that they don’t require lots of electricity.

You can charge them using USB ports. Plus, they work by producing bright colored lights and a unique scent. These will attract the drain flies to the catcher, will then suction them into a stick interior compartment.

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5.    Consider Professional Services

If all else fails, consider investing in a professional service provider. Go for one that has experience in getting rid of different types of flies. While this might seem like a significant investment, the overall benefits make it a reasonable solution.

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They often provide guaranteed results, and they can even share valuable insight for keeping these insects away. If you have to struggle with getting rid of fruit flies in the kitchen sink drain, consider this as a solution. The professional service will handle each aspect of the drain fly removal process.

Do Fruit Flies Come out Of Drain?

Yes, fruit flies can come out of the drain. They often find compartments in the deep nooks and crevices in the drain – which they covert into habitats.

What is the Main Reason Behind the Drain Flies in Washing Machine?

It could be due to various reasons. A few of them include lack of hygiene and leaving the machine unused for long durations. The drain flies might have found a moist area inside the machine and made it their new home.

Will Bleach Kill Fruit Flies in Drain?

Yes, but only if you use it correctly. Remember that the fruit flies live in various remote areas, and they can easily survive through multiple conditions. So, ensure you apply the bleach all around the remote regions of the drain.

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Getting rid of flies requires some good decision-making on your part, and most importantly, hygiene. Therefore, we have given you a few good recommendations on how to get rid of fruit flies in drain. When you use these measures the right way, you will increase the likelihood of completely getting rid of these insects. Remember, these flies can survive in the harshest conditions; you must be thorough when using these techniques.


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