How to Get Rid of Flies with White Vinegar

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Regardless of your location around the world, it’s likely that you have come across flies at some point.

However, flies’ presence is often a bad thing, with many people associating it to lack of hygiene and a sense of embarrassment. Options such as using aerosol sprays are no longer feasible in these “environment savvy times.”

Luckily, there are various simple solutions that you can use to get rid of these pesky insects. We shall be looking at one of them – how to get rid of flies with white vinegar.

The guide starts with a definition of key products, the specific ways to use them and more.

Let us get started

What is White Vinegar and Dish Soap?

It refers to a type of distilled or spirit vinegar, which has been popular in households for thousands of years. It’s a versatile substance that provides myriad benefits for cooking, gardening and cleaning. Plus, it also commonly used as a medicinal product.

The product usually contains 4-8% acetic acid and up to 90% water. One can consume it in moderate amounts but is dangerous in excessive amounts or medication.

The other key ingredient would be dish soap. It just refers to the conventional detergent that you use to clean dishes. It’s the preferred soap type because its foams easily, and can easily capture the flies upon entry to the glass.

Many people are increasingly resorting to such DIY products, because of their efficiency, and the safety benefits they provide. It’s way better than using an aerosol to kill the flies.

You may have to spray the product in large amounts, and it poses various risks to the environment and your health. Thus, this guide on how to get rid of fruit flies with white vinegar and dish soap should be useful for you.

How to Get Rid of Flies with White Vinegar

Since the white vinegar does not contain sugar, consider complementing it with some Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes! You also have to learn about how to get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar. Below are the specific things and steps involved in using vinegar to kill flies

Things you Will Need

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • A tall glass
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rubber band


  1. Mix two drops of apple cider vinegar with some white vinegar and then set the mixture in a tall glass. You need a tall glass because it provides sufficient space for the flies to move around. Plus, its also adequate space, especially if you have several flies in your home.
  2. Then, add a few drops of dish soap to the mixture, and cover it using a plastic wrap. Use a transparent plastic wrap style, because you will find it easy to use to track the flies.
  3. Secure the wrap using a rubber band, and then make small holes on the top sections. You can use a sharp object such as pen to poke holes into the plastic wrap. Remember to secure the rubber band right, as it tends to be slippery on such surfaces.
  4. The flies will get attracted to the vinegar in the glass. They will get through the holes, to get to the vinegar. However, the soap will cause the flies to sink. Try and keep track of the presence of flies in the glass. Doing so, will help make it convenient for you to replace the product for improved results.


If you want to make the most of this approach to insect control, you need to use it the right way. Below are some few helpful tips when using white vinegar to get rid of flies:

  • Place the mixture in a strategic location – doing so will help ensure that you get the attention of many flies. A few good suggestions include placing it on the window, kitchen area, or anywhere you notice the presence of flies.
  • Replace the mixture each morning – ensure throw out yesterday’s mixture the next morning. It helps ensure your vinegar and soap mixture is potent enough to kill the insects. Remember to keep it somewhere safe from pets or the kid as well.
  • Use the vinegar its pure form – the main reason for this is to ensure the vinegar is potent enough to kill the insects. Plus, it’s also to ensure the apple cider’s sugar can attract the pesky insects’ attention.
  • Remember to use a tall glass for the mixture – a tall glass provides sufficient space for the insects to get, making up for the perfect fly death trap. There is no specific recommendation for the dish soap type you have to use.


Why should I mix white vinegar with apple cider vinegar for this to work?

The point of mixing white vinegar and the apple cider is to impart the vinegar with a sweet taste. The sugar will attract the flies, to the mixture, which also contains soap.

Is white vinegar poisonous to flies?

Yes, white vinegar is poisonous to flies. The vinegar has high levels of acid content, which can kill houseflies within minutes.

What are the challenges in using white vinegar to kill flies?

You have to replace the vinegar in the glass at least every day. Leaving it unchecked may compromise its efficiency in killing the flies. The other is to learn How to get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar right.

Is using white vinegar for flies expensive or inconveniencing?

Using this product is highly convenient and cost-free. It’s convenient because you only have to use a few items. And it’s cost-free because you are likely to find these products in your kitchen or pantry.


Your ability to find creative ways to control issues such as flies in your house can be convenient. You no longer have to rely on aerosols or dangerous chemicals which have many risks.

Options such as learning how to get rid of flies with white vinegar are convenient. Its safe and straightforward technique you can use control the presence of these disease-spreading insects.

Plus, you won’t have to spend a dime of your money, because you probably have these products in your pantry.

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