How to Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae in Pool

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Who likes to live in a place full of mosquitoes? Unequivocally no one does. Mosquitoes are hazardous to our health. Everyone knows mosquitoes cause malaria contraction.

This calls for a way of eliminating mosquitoes in our compound. Mosquitoes breed in water pools, and there is no need to wait until they become adults and commence posing issues.

You can eliminate mosquito larvae in the pool instead of waiting until they grow. Let’s see how to get rid of them.

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How to Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae in Pool

First, it will be useful to understand the mosquito life cycle. Larvae are the second stage after eggs develop breathing components, consequently causing them to rise.

With that being, said here are ways you can keep mosquito larvae at bay.

Get rid of stagnating water. 

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is arduous to have a pool without water. However, you can still get rid of mosquito larvae in the pool. Ascertain that you change the poll’s water frequently.

This will be expensive because you have a huge water bill because of changing the water frequently. Changing the water regularly will inhibit mosquito larvae a chance to settle.

You should not forget other stagnant water around the pool. It is impractical to curb the maturity of mosquito larvae in the pool and leave other water spots. Therefore make sure you do away with all stagnant water spots around the pool.

Utilizing BTI Products

This is a natural way of killing mosquito larvae in pools. A group of bacteria known as bacillus thuringiensisisraelensis (BTI), can be used to eliminate mosquito larvae. BTI releases toxins that are very dangerous to mosquito larvae.

 It is noteworthy that these bacteria are harmless to pets, human beings, as well as other organisms. It would be best if you did not get scared because it is bacteria.

This bacterium is existential in soils. The bacteria are interpolated to stagnant waters such as pools. When mosquito larvae feed on this bacteria, the latter will release the toxin, which consequently kills the larvae.

Using Chemicals

Although chemicals are often used in pools, some are not designated to kill mosquitoes. This is because these chemicals are used to treat water in the pool. Therefore, it is typical that you should look for a chemical that can kill mosquito larvae in the pool. This is not a preventive measure but rather a killing measure.

Chlorine is often used in water mostly to treat it, but it can also be applied to kill mosquito larvae. Some bleaching agents contain chlorine; hence you can apply them in your pool. Be careful not to over-apply the chlorine as it can pose dangerous implications.


Oil is ubiquitous in preventing and killing mosquitoes in pools. Oils form a layer on the water, preventing entry of any air in the water. This will prevent the organisms in the water to stop breathing due to an insufficient supply of oxygen. This will eventually suffocate them and finally die.

What you need to do is apply a little oil on water, and it will rest for you. This method should not be used in a water pool that contains useful organisms like fish.

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Clear Bushes Around the Pool

Mosquitoes will look for another place for breeding if chased from water pools. Mosquitoes use dense bushes for breeding, and it is good to not only trim but clear them completely. This will help to minimize the chances of mosquitoes to breed.


Sometimes it is not all about the chemicals. You can try to use some household products to eliminate mosquito larvae in the pool. It is noteworthy that soap can be utilized to kill the larvae.

Any soap type can do this, so don’t trouble yourself. Soap is applied just like oil. What you need to do is to put some soap or soap dish in the water, and it will kill the mosquito larvae within a day. This is an economical way of getting rid of mosquito larvae in the pool. Soap will take almost a day in killing mosquito larvae in a pool.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is non-toxic, yet it kills mosquito larvae in standing water. Vinegar is applied to water on a pool, and if done effectively, it will kill mosquito larvae. 15% of vinegar will kill mosquito larvae in 85% water.

The good side of vinegar is that it is environmentally-friendly. However, you have to apply a good amount of vinegar to effectively and efficiently as a small amount will not be effective in killing the mosquito larvae.

You have to be patient when using apple vinegar as it delivers its impact slowly. It will take up to 18 hours to kill mosquito larvae.

Using Bleach

Bleach is commonly used in laundry. Nonetheless, bleach possesses another use, killing mosquito larvae. Environmental Protection Agency of the USA certifies the use of bleach in getting rid of mosquito larvae in pools.

However, bleach should not be applied in pools with useful water or water pools that contain living organisms as they are dangerous to them. Use bleach that has a minimum sodium hypochlorite of 15%. Only apply a small amount of bleach in a water pool.


Interesting huh? Well, it is noteworthy that cinnamon can be useful in keeping mosquito larvae at bay. Cinnamon is environmentally-friendly, cost-friendly, and an all-natural way of killing method mosquito larvae.

The most effective cinnamon is the oil cinnamon rather than the ordinary powder. The effective ratio is 15% cinnamon for 85% water. Cinnamon oils can also be applied to the body to chase misquotes away.

Mosquitoes are not friendly insects to humans at all, and they should be eliminated in our surroundings. Most people use killing measurements and forget about controlling their breeds.

Having said all this, it is crucial to note that it is better to use preventative measures rather than awaiting them to breed and cause hazardous actions.

Therefore should you be wondering how you can alleviate mosquito larvae, this article was compellingly compiled for you. Voila! You will attest to these measures finally.

Let us know if you have attempted these measures in the comment box—good luck in getting rid of mosquito larvae.


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