Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body?

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Bed bugs are some of the world’s most despised pests. These small bloodsuckers spend most of their time in and around beds, appearing at night to feast on the people sleeping there but Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body? They usually vanish by morning, leaving only itchy bites behind.

However, there are occasions where you wake up unexpectedly, and they scramble to safety. Some will make it back to their hiding spots, but others will have to improvise and find somewhere in your body and clothes to hide.

So if you think you have bed bugs in your body? Continue reading to discover more about bed bugs and how to get rid of bed bugs from your body.

Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body?

Studies have suggested that these wingless oval-shaped creatures are not able to live your body. They prefer to stay close to their host and not on their body. Rather than living on the human body, they usually feed on the open areas of the skin. Once the bed bugs are full, they swell up three times their original size, making it difficult to hide on your body.

However, they can sometimes find themselves stuck or hiding on or inside a human body in some unexpected situations. Though not for a long time, you can find bed bugs inside your ears, holding tight on your skin or your hair.

Before you start panicking, remember that this is a very rare occurrence. According to research, bed bugs are attracted to your body for the sole purpose of feeding only, and they don’t like living on your body.

In the unusual event that a bed bug does stay in your body, don’t be alarmed! Bed bugs do not spread infectious diseases and are pretty easy to get rid of.

Even though bed bugs don’t live on the human body, you can carry them on your clothes or belongings, especially if you have been in an infested area. These tiny creatures will most likely hitch a ride.

What About Your Hair, Can Bed Bugs hide In Your Hair?

Unlike lice, bed bugs prefer feeding on the skin where they have easy access. This includes places like legs, neck, hands, and other hairless areas on the body. Bed bugs will only bite your head when you shaved, but it’s highly unlikely to bite you if you have hair (its a lot of work and more difficult to bite)

As stated above, these wingless bugs like a cool environment, so living on your hair is highly unlikely because your hair tends to be warm and moist most of the time.

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Symptoms Of Bed Bugs In Hair

Even though bed bugs cant stay in your hair, there are unexpected circumstances that can force bed bugs to abandon their norms and opt to hide inside your hair for a few days. One of the most common symptoms of bed bugs in your hair is having tiny red itchy rashes across your brow and hairline.

On rare occasions, bed bug bites can trigger more serious symptoms like severe swelling on the forehead and a strong allergic reaction to the hairline bites.

Fortunately, bed bugs do not fare well inside your hair. Most of the time, if you find bite marks on your hairline, most likely the culprit is a different type of bug.

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Can Bed Bugs Go In Your Ear?

For many people, the idea of a bed bug creeping inside their ear is frightening. However, its highly uncommon bed bugs can hide in your ear. Once inside your ear, bed bugs can survive within your ear for a short time, relying on blood from the ear canal.

If a bed bug gets trapped in your ear by any chance, the coarse hairs within your ear canal will sense the intruder almost instantly. As a result, bed bugs (or any other insect) are normally detected quickly and removed.

Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Private Parts?

There is certainly no scientific backing or evidence to show that, indeed, bed bugs can invade your private parts. It is highly unlikely that they can get into your private parts because they can easily feed on other visible parts of the body. So why would they waste energy and time trying to get inside your private parts?

Though uncommon, they could bite you on the outside part if you sleep naked. But there is no scientific evidence that they can get inside your private parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can bed bugs lay eggs in your ear?

As nesting bugs, bed bugs are compelled by nature to lay their eggs only in their nests. Depositing eggs inside your ears goes against the natural norm of bed bugs. As earlier mentioned, they are unlikely to survive undetected within your ear canal long enough to lay eggs.
So can bed bugs lay their eggs in your ear? Take it easy; they certainly can not lay eggs in your ears.

Can Bed Bugs Cling To Your Skin When You Take A Dip?

Bed bugs despise water and will only swim for a short time before dying. Furthermore, they are not that strong to cling to your skin while you take a bath. They get washed away easily.

Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Lay Eggs In Your Hair?

If you were a bed bug, would you lay your eggs in a safe and dark place or on a continuous moving thing? You would choose a safe and dark corner. Your hair is the last spot bed bugs would like to deposit their eggs. Plus, they lack the claws that lice use to move around the hair.


All that said, The likelihood of bed bugs hiding in your body is rather disturbing! Even though it is very unlikely, bed bugs may end up in your hair or ears. Fortunately, bed bugs do not spread infections and can be removed easily from your body.

The best way to keep bed bugs away from your body is to ensure no bed bugs in your bedroom. Check the bed frames, clothes, and mattress or for signs of bed bugs regularly. If you detect even the slightest sign of bed bugs, take prompt action to eliminate them.

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Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body? Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body? Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body? Is It Possible For Bed Bugs To Reside In Your Body?

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