What Essential Oil Repels Bugs?

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Bugs can easily lead to various health issues and even make a wrong impression on your guests. Thus, your ability to get rid of them or control their presence naturally can be convenient.

However, using chemical-laden products has been associated with multiple health risks and is a leading contributor to air pollution. Plus, there not many suitable options out there that are free from such issues.

We take a look at what essential oils work well to repel bugs. The benefit of these oils is that they are harmless and an age-old measure for bug control. Plus, they are readily available, and several. These include

What Essential Oil Repels Bugs?

1.    Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass provides insecticidal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits, making it the first essential oil to have in your pantry. Aside from its muscle and body pain-relieving benefits, the oil is also excellent at repelling various types of flies. These include bugs such as flies, fleas, mosquitoes, and more.

The main reason for its potency in killing bugs is due to the smell. The best way to use it would be to heat about half a cup of water and add a few oil drops of lemongrass. Then, spray it around windows, doors, and any bug-infested surfaces.

Lemongrass is also useful for keeping fruit flies away, which can easily get into your home.  The reason for the incessancy of fruit flies is due to the fact they can lay up to 500 eggs at a time. These bugs commonly prefer places such as damp rags, kitchen items, ripened fruits, and more.

Thus, apply the mixture of lemongrass to these surfaces each morning, and you will notice the improvements.

2.    Peppermint oil

The minty and refreshing peppermint scent makes it effective than most chemical-based products for getting rid of bugs. It works effectively for a wider range of bugs, including spiders, flies, ants, fleas, and even mice.

recent study showed the effectiveness of using essential oil to repel bugs. The study also did well to show that the peppermint can kill mosquito larvae 24 hours after exposure to the chemical.

Some people also believe it can rank well among the best essential oils for drain flies. While people find the smell of peppermint irresistible, it’s excellent for repelling bugs, and many of them can stand its presence.

Plus, using it is also easy because you can mix it with some water and spray it onto surfaces.

3.    Eucalyptus oil

A native tree to Australia, and an evergreen tree with many health benefits, Eucalyptus is one of the world’s most popular trees.

Aside from its medical benefits and serving as the primary food source for Koalas, Eucalyptus is also excellent for bug repulsion. You have probably come across it as part of toothpaste, cough medications, throat sprays, and more.

However, it also works as an insect control product. So, if one asks, “does eucalyptus repel fruit flies?” Tell them “YES!” Furthermore, research has shown that Eucalyptus is noxious to bugs and can be beneficial for repelling their presence.

Using it on surfaces or spaces that are bug-infested in a sure-fire pest control measure. You can mix it with some dish detergent in a spray bottle and then shake well. Use in on the infested surfaces daily for the best results.

4.    Lavender Oil

You have probably come across a home product such as a detergent that contains lavender. However, Lavender oil is powerful at controlling the threat of bugs.

Many societies in the past used it to repel insects and as a solution for moisturizing open spaces. Plus, people also commonly used it as a product for regulating the presence of bugs in clothing.

The common bugs lavender oil can repel include flies, black beetles, fleas, and mosquitoes. Lavender oil has also shown immense benefits when it comes to anti-inflammatory benefits for the body.

5.    Basil oil

Basil is a common ingredient in many cuisines and food condiment, but it may also be a an excellent mosquito repellent. A recent study looked at the various benefits of using basil oil as a bug repellant.

It showed that the basil offers up to 60% efficacy in repelling these pesky insects. Furthermore, studies in Africa showed that the plant provides up to 50% protection against the bugs that cause Malaria.

The only issue with basil oil is that it’s less potent than the rest of the essential oils in this list. However, it’s still robust and suitable for targeting mosquitoes.

For many, basil makes up for an excellent alternative to citronella oil for flies.

6.    Neem oil

Neem has been a common occurrence in Ayurvedic medicine over the past few years. However, experts have also discovered that it can also function as an excellent insect repellent. Evidence shows that people in the past used Neem as a way to repel insects in stored rice.

In a recent study in 2015, researchers showed that a Neem based diet could be useful in mosquito repellence. Plus, products with over 20% of neem concertation provided success rates of up to 70%.

So, aside from its unique health benefits, Neem oil and its associated product can be beneficial as insect repellants. Plus, it’s also readily available and suitable for everyday use.

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3 Benefits of using essential oils to repel bugs

These types of oil can have several benefits in controlling the presence of pests. They make up for better alternatives to products such as aerosol sprayers.

A few key benefits these essential oils for flies and mosquitoes provide include:

  • Free of harmful chemicals – oil makers produce these products using natural products, often free from additives.
  • Easy to use – you don’t need any gears such as gloves or masks before using essential oils. Plus, you can also invest in an essential oil fly repellent diffuser.
  • Proven natural methods of bugs control – essential oils have been popular in pest control activities for the past few decades.

Chemical bug controls might be effective in open spaces, but researchers have associated them with several issues.

Insecticides have many indiscriminate side effects, including on our health and the environment. Thus, it would be important to learn about what essential oil repels bugs.

These are excellent options because you can use them around pets, kids, food crops, cooking surfaces, and more.


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