How to Stop Ant Bites from Itching

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Have you ever been stung by an ant? If yes, then you know how annoying it can be. An ant bite can cause an intense burning sensation as well as itching, redness, swelling, and raised bumps. Even if it looks like a small problem, and itching skin can drive you crazy. If you have been wondering how to stop itching from ants, here is how to treat an ant bite:

How to Stop Ant Bites from Itching

Use of Hydrocortisone Cream

Although hydrocortisone cream doesn’t necessarily treat the root cause, it is recommended by doctors as an effective ant bite remedy. The cream contains substances that reduce the itching and swelling that accompany an ant bite. It is recommended that you first place an ice pack on the ant wound for 15 minutes and then apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream over the area.

Antibiotic Ointment

Anything that hinders and impedes the growth of harmful bacteria and kills them is an antibiotic. The ointment is a highly effective treatment for ant sting because it prevents the wound from becoming infected, which virtually helps the wound heal faster. Most of the antibiotics are available over the counter at the drugstore and can be applied topically as ant bite treatment. If the over-counter ointment does not work, you may need to see a doctor.


It is a natural antibacterial; it helps in preventing bacterial actions on the skin. When you apply vinegar, it will control the itching and stop you from scratching the area affected.

Use of Antihistamines Drugs

The drugs help to treat the ant bites symptoms by hindering the production of histamines in the body. Histamine is realized by the body’s immune system as a defense mechanism to stop any allergen present in your body. Taking these drugs can help your body to get rid of the venom from the system without all the painful side effects.

Applying Anti-itch Lotion

Make good use of calamine lotion because it is among the most effective ant bite treatment. Not only that but also treating symptoms of itching and swelling. The lotion is popular for treating insect bites. You need to apply the anti-itch cream in full amount and wait until the itching and discomfort reduces. You will be able to control the ant bite.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel provides an instant cooling effect on the skin, hence helping you to soothe the itching, pain, and swelling. The gel removed from a fresh aloe plant is very efficient for alleviating an ant bite when you apply to the affected area. Use the technique any time you need it, however, let the gel dry on its own.

Using Baking soda

One of the most effective natural remedies to treat ant bites, itching and swelling is baking soda. It helps to restore the PH balance of the skin and prevent any itch along with all skin infections that can result from an ant bite. All you need is to mix some baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Rub the paste on the affected area; after that, apply a thin coat on the skin.

Use of Alcohol

The use of products that contains alcohol or any beverage is beneficial in such a situation. All you need is to massage it on the skin. It will prevent swelling and get rid of the pain. Alcohol contains astringent effect; it assists in preventing severe pain and itching. Just rub little of it together with vodka and some mouthwash; allow it to stay for a few minutes. Keep on repeating now and then until the swelling, pain, and itching disappears.

Soap Bar

When you are stung by an ant, make sure to apply a bar soap as soon as possible. Lightly press and wipe it on the itching part. It forms a shielding coating, stops activity of the harmful bacteria, covering the body skin, and, most importantly, destroys the bacteria on the affected area. The soap is also a useful way to inhibit swelling, pain, and itching. It would be best if you utilized antibacterial soaps for the treatment for ant bites.

Tea Tree Oil

You need to dilute the tea tree oil and apply the area bitten by the ant in case you have severe itching and swelling. It prevents you from scratching the place as well as controlling the whole distress.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the most potent inflammatory and antibacterial agents. You need to apply in the affected area of ant bites. Some benefits of apple cider vinegar include; helps the bitten area heal faster, control itching, calamine, reduces pain, prevents infections, and swelling.

Raw Honey

It is another available home remedy for an ant bite, as most of the people have raw honey in their kitchen. Apart from being known for its culinary and beauty uses, it’s used for medicinal purposes. Its thickness helps to prevent further infection. Apply the natural honey to the affected area, and allow it to stay for 15-20 minutes then wash it off.


cucumbers are well known as a cosmetic treatment, and a tasty snack. It is also a very active ant bite treatment. The cucumber composes of 90% water; however, its electrolytes and cooling properties are the main reasons it can be used for treatment ant bite. When applied immediately on the wound, it reduces the itchiness, inflammation, and pain, and prevents the redness and swelling. Ants can cause a lot of damage, and their bite can be excruciating. If the ant bite does not get better or worsens after a few days of using the treatments above, then you need to consult the doctor as you may need further treatment to heal the bites. Bites in children are always dangerous, as they can have a more sensitive reaction; you need to monitor the bite closely and call the doctor when you have a question or concern. Tiny bugs that bite like mosquitoes

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