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Benefits of Mosquitoes to Humans

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Mosquitoes

It is evident that there is a shared hatred between man and mosquitoes. But Did you know that there are Benefits of Mosquitoes to Humans? It feels immoral to hear people talking about causing the extinction of a whole species rather than saving it. However, with mosquitoes, you may feel different. These insects seem to have an evil intent of wiping out the entire human race. Mosquitoes are more than just annoying. They spread some of the deadliest human and animal diseases. Mosquito-borne infections such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, and zika virus cause more than one million deaths annually. It only feels right to eliminate these agents of human suffering and save millions of lives. But do we need to kill all mosquito species? Are there any benefits of mosquitoes to humans? Read on to find out more.

10 Benefits of Mosquitoes to Humans

History shows that mosquitoes had been on earth long before humans. With over 3,500 mosquito species worldwide, only a few hundred of these species bother humans. Although these bloodsucking bugs present more problems than the value in human life, they still serve more crucial functions in the ecosystem. So, what are mosquitoes good for?
  1. Water purification- Mosquito larvae live in the water eating detritus, thereby cleaning water somewhat.
  2. Food for bugs -Mosquito larvae provide food for other creatures’ larvae like damselfly nymphs and insects like dragonflies.
  3. Fish food- Various fish like mosquito fish feeds on adult mosquitoes when laying eggs on the water surface. They also prey on the larval forms.
  4. Providing nutrients into the ecosystem- Mosquito larvae eat numerous organic matters in water bodies. They convert these organic particles into their tissue matter through their systems. It helps with recycling nutrients back into the ecosystem.
  5. Protozoan diversity- Larvae feeding pattern reduces the population of dominant protozoa species. This provides for a greater protozoan diversity.
  6. Pollination- Mosquitoes, both male and female, eat nectar for energy. They help in pollination as they move from one plant to another.
  7. Separating debris- Mosquitoes ensures plants’ survival by filtering waste. They also clear decaying insect remains by eating them.
  8. Mosquitoes fly in swarms, thereby providing food for creatures up the food chain. They are food for birds, reptiles, spiders, bats, and amphibians. Killing mosquitoes means depriving other animals of such a vital food source.
  9. Scientific research- Scientists are studying the possibility of using mosquitoes for medical purposes. Maybe their saliva could treat cardiovascular disease.
  10. Mosquitoes are known to fly in large swarms in the Arctic. They help caribou in their migration patterns. Therefore, eliminating these critters may affect the Arctic ecosystem.

Advantages of Mosquito Bites

Have you ever woken up to a mosquito bite? Then you understand why these insects are among the most hated creatures globally. The itching, irritation, scratching, and swelling that comes with mosquito bites is enough to get you on a killing spree on these vile bugs. Can you even imagine such a nasty bite being advantageous to you in any way? Surprisingly, they do. Scientists have discovered that mosquitoes play an essential role in our ecological system. More so, mosquito bites have been found to have some medicinal value to humans and other animals. One of the advantages of mosquito bites includes boosting immunity. Research shows that mosquito saliva modifies our immune system after getting bitten. Therefore, they hope to develop a vaccine against mosquito-borne diseases that are killing people and causing disabilities. Who knows, the vaccine may even shield against other insect-borne infections. Once a mosquito introduces its saliva into a human bloodstream, the effects last up to seven days. The mosquito bites make the immune system react differently in a way that may aid the infection. Research shows that various pathogens and viruses exploit human cells to help reproduce and spread the diseases. With these new findings, researchers are hoping to develop infection-blocking vaccines. It will block our immune reaction to mosquito’s saliva and prevent worldwide vector-borne diseases.

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping At Home

Mosquitoes feed on blood meal for reproduction. Therefore, it is likely that you could get mosquito bites while sleeping at night. Although finding these bloodsuckers seems almost impossible, there are other ways to protect yourself against them.

Mosquito Repellants

Using mosquito repellants is an effective way to keep the bugs away. These products contain scents or ingredients that mosquitoes find unattractive. Apply the repellant on your skin or clothing. You can also grow repellant plants in your room or yard.

Sleep under A Mosquito Net

Using a treated mosquito net is a reliable and cheap way of protecting yourself against insect bites. Though not common in the US, this method is popular in developing nations.

Bug Proofing Your Yard

Eliminating mosquitoes from your home means keeping them off your yard too. Get rid of any stagnant water that may offer a breeding ground, including birdbaths, containers, and kiddie pools. Also, seal cracks on doors, windows, or walls to keep pests out.

Shower before sleeping

Mosquitoes are attracted by sweat and body heat. Ensure to have a bath right before bed to remove the sweat smell.

Run a Fan

Mosquitoes hate breeze because they are weak fliers. Turning on a fan is likely to blow them away.


Are there benefits of mosquitoes to humans? Mosquitoes and their larvae are excellent food sources for other predators like dragonflies, mosquito fish, bats, spiders, and birds. They also help in the pollination of crops and the production of nutrients like nitrogen. How can I avoid mosquito bites? You can keep yourself safe by sleeping under a mosquito net, wearing repellants, staying indoors at dawn and dusk. Also, destroy any mosquito habitat. Can clothes protect against mosquito bites? Yes, they can, especially if the fabric is thin. Use long sleeves, long pants, including socks, to avoid possible mosquito bites. Mosquito Facts

The Final Verdict

There is more to mosquitoes than just diseases and itchy bites. The benefits of mosquitoes to humans and the general ecosystem are significant and not to be taken lightly. They are a primary food source for both small and big organisms. Furthermore, mosquitoes ensure the survival of plants, both aquatic and land-based. Foods that Attract Mosquitoes All in all, mosquitoes are a deadly force of nature with great value to the ecosystem. However, they remain a significant concern across the globe due to their dangerous nature. With proper population control of these insects, I don’t see why we can share this planet.

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