What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Hate?

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Have you ever asked yourself why mosquitoes bite some people more than others? Or maybe you live in an environment where mosquito population increases in the warm summer months and you wonder why these bugs bite you less?

And isn’t it strange that people can be in the same place, at the same time, with the same amount of exposed skin and get bitten to different degrees?

Odd as that sounds, it turns out that this has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the bug repellent lotion you use, or the mosquito repellent plants in your surroundings.

Research suggests that blood type is the reason why mosquitoes get attracted to some people more than they’re drawn to others.

So what blood type do mosquitoes hate and which one do they find the most appealing and appetizing?

Blood Type that Mosquitoes Like

Before we look at what studies shows on the relationship between blood type and mosquitoes, it’s important to understand the basic blood types according to science.

The four basic types are A, B, AB, and O, and the grouping depends on the absence or presence of A and B antibodies and antigens in the blood.

You don’t exactly decide the blood type to have. It’s a genetic thing, with the blood type running in your veins being exactly the ones you inherit from your parents based on their type.

Both old and recent studies show that female mosquitoes find people with blood type O more appealing and therefore the most appetizing for their protein supply.

The studies also ranked blood type B as second in popularity, but mosquitoes aren’t aggressive on hosts in this group as they’re on humans in blood group O.

Blood Types Least Likely to Get Bitten By Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes like blood type A and AB the least.

If you’re in gathering full of people, and you notice mosquitoes approaching certain individuals less than others, chances are they have blood type A or AB.

You’re lucky if your blood type falls in the A or AB category because you’ll almost always easily repel the female anopheles mosquito from biting you.

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FAQ on What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Hate?

How Do Mosquitoes Pick Whom to Bite?

You already know by now that mosquitoes find people with blood type O more attractive and appetizing. But how exactly do they determine the blood type of their hosts before they bite?
Mosquitoes determine your blood type through chemical signals your body generates through your skin.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me and Not My Husband?

It’s a strange thought to put in words, but mosquitoes can bite you and not your husband because your skin produces more of certain chemicals that produce a scent that these blood lusting suckers love.

It’s not a curse to the human race; it’s a genetic thing.
Think of it like this:

Your DNA determines your body’s ability to produce chemical substances that can lure female mosquitoes towards you. Again, women’s bodies tend to be warmer, especially at night. So unless you’re wearing light-colored clothing while sleeping, chances are you can become a strong magnet for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can also bite you and not your husband because you move a lot. More often than not, these bloodsuckers will easily pick on the vibration generated by the motion your body creates and move towards you.

How do I stop getting mosquito bite if I have a blood type that they like?

If you have a blood type that mosquitoes like, you can use insect repellents with DEET, 2-undecanone, or Picaridin to keep them away.

You can also apply lavender essential oil on your skin if you prefer an organic mosquito repellent.

Remember to read the application instruction just to be safe. Then reapply the products on your skin only as recommended.

Other than blood type, why else do mosquitoes bite me so much?

It’s not just people with blood type O that mosquitoes find more appetizing. You can also become a potential host because:
1. You breathe out carbon dioxide, leaving a trail for mosquitoes to follow and easily find and bite you.

2. Your body generate more heat, which female mosquitoes find to be more appealing.

3. You’re wearing dark-colored clothing or spend time in dark spots, which are a great magnets for mosquitoes.

4. You drink alcohol more frequently

Can I heal mosquito itch first if a female mosquito bites me?

Yes, you can. There are many ways to heal mosquito bites that don’t require visiting your doctor or hiring mosquito control specialists.

Read this guide to learn more.

Can my secretion status make me susceptible to mosquito bites?

Yes, your secretion status can determine your susceptibility to mosquito bites.

One can be either a secretor or non-secretor depending on their genetics, with the non-secretor consisting of around 20% of the population.

Mosquitoes will be more attracted to secretors than non-secretors, especially the ones that have blood type O.

Final Thoughts

Does it means that if you have blood type O and B you’re subject to mosquito bites for eternity? Well, the answer is a simple NO. That’s because there are many ways to keep mosquitoes away and never have to worry about them biting you.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that mosquitoes are common in the warm summer months. Their presence will definitely die down as falls approaches.

But in the warm months, when barbecue parties are hard to avoid and cocktail is something you wouldn’t miss for the world, it makes a lot of sense to take the necessary measures to keep your body safe from mosquito bites.

Luckily, there are many safe ways to keep mosquitoes away.

Professional bug controllers even recommend using bug repellents with chemical compounds such as DEET and Picaridin, as they’re safe on humans and harsh on mosquitoes.

To get the most from solutions such as Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion and Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent, make sure you use them according to the instructions given and you’ll always be safe.

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