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Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are among some of the most despised living organisms on earth. They tend to ruin perfect moments like going for evening walks or even family picnics.

Their love for our blood and ability to fly makes them even more dangerous to the human population. It is estimated that malaria caused half of the deaths recorded in human history. For this reason, knowing when mosquitoes are active is crucial in protecting yourself and family from these disease-carrying critters.

Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

Are you wondering what time do mosquitoes enter the house? Or why do mosquitoes come out at night? Continue reading to find out more on mosquito activity patterns.

What Time of Day Are Mosquitoes Bad?

There are over 3500 mosquito species worldwide with only 175 species found in the US. However, you are likely to encounter only three or four of these mosquitoes in your life. All these species come with different needs and feeding patterns. Unfortunately, the ones you are likely to see are active at different times of the day, including dusk and dawn. This means that whatever time of the day, mosquitoes are never really out of the question.

Just like humans, mosquitoes function with a body clock that helps in keeping time. The circadian rhythms in these biting bugs make them active mainly at dawn and dusk. Basically, it is an instinct. Mosquitoes usually rely on plants for nutrients. However, human blood provides the proteins needed for reproduction. In short, our blood is responsible for the multiplication of these biters (see more interesting mosquito facts.

Day Time Feeders

Some mosquitoes such as Aedes species like feeding during day time. But make no mistake, they can also bite at any given chance whether dawn or dusk. These types of mosquitoes are rampant in wetlands, wooded and shaded areas with standing water. It is essential to know the typical breeding grounds for proper pest control method.

Day feeders make normal outdoor activities a nightmare. Whether you are relaxing on the backyard or playing with the kids, you are likely to get bitten. Besides, the hot summer weather makes people sweat and produce more carbon dioxide that mosquitoes like. Although it is challenging to spot mosquitoes during the day, they are there, hiding and waiting to bite unsuspecting hosts. Therefore, ensure to take necessary preventive measures to ward these insects away.

Mosquito Activity at Dusk and Dawn

Most mosquito species in the United States come out at night. They include the Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes. These insects become active in the evening hours as the sun sets out, the temperature cools, and darkness comes. They continue biting until late into the night with the highest peak of their activity being at midnight. These species also come out during the early dawn before retiring to rest. Just because they are in hiding doesn’t mean that they won’t bite.

If you get mosquitoes in the house at night, you might be bitten multiple times because you might be the only target. But what time do mosquitoes enter the house? These biters avoid sun exposure at all costs. At mid-morning, when the temperature begins rising, mosquitoes look for hiding areas. Buildings protect these creatures from possible dehydration, hence remaining active for long.

Did you know that the full moon increases mosquito’s activity? Research estimates that during a full moon, the mosquitoes are affected up to 500%.


Mosquito Season

You may have heard that mosquitoes are only active during summer. Well, this is not true at all. These pest’s activity depends on the temperature levels. Generally, mosquitoes don’t favor cold weather and tend to disappear when the temperature drops. The magic number is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no more annoying buzzing sound, itchy bumps or spread of mosquito-borne diseases at this temperature.

Since some mosquitoes die during the cold season, they begin hatching once the temperatures get to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You may witness the re-appearance of mosquito infestation as temperature rises. Other species seek shelters to hibernate during the cold months and re-emerge later once the temperatures improve.

This explains why cities with warmer climates have heavy mosquito infestation throughout the year. These mosquitoes are at their strongest at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equal to 27 degrees Celsius.

Your garden also makes a difference as there are plants that attract mosquitoes.

How Can One Prepare for Mosquito Season?

It is impossible to avoid mosquitoes altogether. One mistake you can do is not have a strategy to fight mosquito infestation before mosquito season begins. Waiting for mosquitoes to come back from hibernation or hatch is preparing for a losing battle.

There are numerous effective measures that you can take to keep your loved ones from mosquito nuisance, before and after making their debut. All this comes down to understanding mosquito activity pattern.  The measures include:

  • Draining open water sources. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. They live and even lay their eggs in damp soil near water bodies. It is best to eliminate such breeding grounds by draining them, covering gutters with mesh, fixing leaking outdoor faucets and closing the garbage cans.
  • Seal any openings to prevent mosquitoes from coming in the house.
  • Use mosquito repellants before going outdoors
  • Avoid dark-coloured clothes
  • Avoid foods that attract mosquitoes


Why do mosquitoes come out at night?

Mosquitoes are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they get active at night to feed. Besides, sunlight can dehydrate these biters and even kill them.

Where are mosquitoes most active?

Mosquitoes thrive in a warm climate. They also love wet areas like bogs, swamps, salt marshes, farming operations. Ponds and ditches also provide a safe haven for the pests.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to buildings?

Mosquitoes fly to buildings to escape the harsh outdoor temperatures. The dimly lit corners and temperature help these insects to remain active longer than usual.

At what temperatures do mosquitoes die?

Mosquitoes don’t like cold temperatures. Some species die once the weather gets below 50-degree Fahrenheit.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided you with answers as to why do mosquitoes come out at night. When it comes to protecting yourself and family from mosquito attack, knowing their activity attack comes in handy.

With different species of mosquitoes come different activity patterns. Some feed at night while some during the daytime. All in all, they are dangerous and should be stopped.

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