How to Not Be Scared of Cockroaches

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The reaction when you spot a cockroach lurking around your home varies from one person to another.

Are there any ideas on How to Not Be Scared of Cockroaches? To some people, it’s just another lost insect trying to get back to its crew. Others have a different reaction.

They would jump and scream from one corner of the house to another as if a monster was attacking them. To them, cockroaches are terrifying insects that have come to disturb their peace and maybe kill them too.

It would be correct to refer to the fear of cockroaches as katsaridaphobia. Anyone with such a condition needs to get help because they can easily get a heart attack in serious situations.

On that note, how do you not become scared of cockroaches? Are there any remedies to this condition? This article tries to look at a few ways you can follow to counter your cockroach phobia, but first, we look at how to carry out the phobia test.

How to Not Be Scared of Cockroaches

Cockroach Phobia Test

People claim to have a phobia of something without really knowing what it feels like. Society has misguided perceptions of phobias, and that’s why it is important to know if you have a dread of something and the extent of the condition. Those suffering from this disorder are said to exhibit physical symptoms which escalate with prolonged exposure.

Symptoms of Katsaridaphobia

Before going for the roach phobia test, it would be best to identify the symptoms you are exhibiting personally. They could be similar to other phobias because the response is from the same part of the brain. The symptoms are as follows;

  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (Cleaning and spraying pesticides all the time)
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Full-blown panic attack
  • Crying and screaming
  • Staying frozen

You may not present all the symptoms listed above, but taking note of those that you experience is important to determine the extent of your phobia. A story is told of a teacher who quit her job because she could not stand her students mentioning the name cockroach. She would freeze and break into sweating which really affected her performance.

How Katsaridaphobia Test is Carried Out

Once you have taken note of your symptoms, it is now time to pay a visit to the doctor. It would be best not to ignore the signs because the worst-case scenario may be fatal or result in a nasty accident.

The doctor will take you through a clinical interview and then review your symptoms. You may also be asked about your psychiatry history and whether you have other phobias. You need to understand that a phobia is a mental condition and the doctor’s diagnosis will be based on mental disorders guidelines.

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Online Roach Phobia Test

With advancements in technology, several health websites offer tests to determine if you have a phobia. However, it would be best to take the test with a doctor to see if the questions asked to align with the guideline requirements. These websites ask you a couple of questions of which you have multiple choices.

Once you submit the answers, they will be received by a doctor who will tell you if you have the phobia or not and the degree or its extent. Although technology advancement is doing us so much good, taking such a test online could result in misdiagnosis, mainly because you don’t know if the person behind the answers is a real doctor.

It is advisable that you go forth to a hospital or, if you need to do it online, do your due diligence on the website, such as checking the name of the owner, location and if it is legal.

How to Overcome Katsaridaphobia

For any disease affecting the brain, it is important first to know the cause or rather the reason behind the disease, in this case, the roach phobia. It is highly unlikely that you were born conditioned to fear cockroaches. In most cases, we pick up this condition as we grow up, and it reaches a point that our brains can’t stand them any longer.

Previous traumatic experiences such as witnessing your father screaming at the sight of a cockroach; programs your brain to fear the insect. Information and media also play a huge in causing katsaridaphobia. These channels have tainted a negative image against cockroaches such that even the mention of the name can give someone chills.

So we have a problem, but how do we arrive at the solution? Therapists suggest that the best method of overcoming any phobia is exposure therapy. To overcome roach phobia, therapists suggest that you start by looking at pictures of a cockroach and then proceeding to videos of live roaches.

From there, you can forge ahead and try touching a dead roach and eventually a live one. Remember all this time you have your therapist or psychiatrist by your side to guide you through. Eventual, you can progress to stay in the room with roach all by yourself without having an attack.

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Are cockroaches afraid of us?

Yes. Although cockroaches have been around humans for an eternity, they are still afraid of us. They consider humans predators just like they do house lizards. When you walk into a cockroach, the first thing they do is startle and run away for safety.

How do I get over my phobia of cockroaches?

Doctors suggest that cognitive-behavioural therapy is the ideal method to recover from roach phobia. This therapy is where you are gradually exposed to the roaches until you can stay in the same room without having an attack.

Why do we hate cockroach?

Most people hate roaches because they present the risk of contracting some of the deadliest bacterial infections, such as cholera. They are also quite destructive, especially if there is an infestation in your house. These creatures are usually greasy and would walk all over your utensils, and who knows? Maybe they just came out from the toilet.

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Bottom Line

Unless you have experienced a huge roach flying from one end of the room and land right into your face, you may never know what it means to have a cockroach phobia. It is one of the terrifying things you can ever witness someone go through. But for every problem, a solution is imminent.

Doctors suggest that the best way to deal with any phobia, and in this case, katsaridaphobia is gradual desensitization or exposure therapy. It is a proven method that works quite well, and most patients respond positively. Often you will hear people say, “I am scared to kill a cockroach.” And some would laugh at this statement. It is not bad to fear a cockroach; it is a brain condition cured through therapy.

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