What are Cockroaches Afraid of?

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You are quietly seated in your basement, working on an amazing project, when in a trice a bewildering guest scuttles you disarranging your working area.

Of course, you get mad, but you are scared simultaneously, so you have to take a calculated risk. Discovering it is a cockroach makes it even worse. Where did it come from?

The roach is one of the most dreaded insects by humans.  They come when you least expect, and because of the mentality built in us of how toxic these insects are, we tend to get chills even by their mention.

In a bid to get rid of them, you get to ask yourself, what are cockroaches afraid of? It is very important to know what scares them because even the sighting of a single one of them could mean a severe infestation.

So if you have been marveling why cockroaches are so terrifying, maybe it’s about time you also get to know what petrifies them. In this article, we get to know what scares away roaches in a bid to get rid of them and preclude possible infestations.

What are Cockroaches Afraid of?

What Kind of Plants do Roaches Hate?

Nature has always been so kind to us, providing better solutions when we have to use toxic means to curb a problem bearing in mind the detrimental effects on our health and the environment. Cockroaches are troublesome creatures; they tend to resist even the strongest pest control measures.

But some particular plants have for a long time shown quite impressive results as roach repellents. Let’s dive into the murky waters of what plants cockroaches hate.

Bay Leaves

You probably use bay leaves as a spice in your favorite food but have no idea that it is, in fact, a very potent roach repellent. Plant the bay leaves in flower pots and place them in strategic locations around your house, such as near the kitchen window or the bathroom. You can also bring it inside and place it near your appliances and areas where roaches are likely to breed.

Pyrethrum Plant

Most of you know pyrethrum as the plant used for the manufacture of insecticides. When you crush this plant’s flowers, it produces a liquid known as pyrethrin, which is found in most insecticides. Roaches hate this plant because it is fatal not only to them but to the entire insect family.

Hedge Apple

Mainly found in the countrysides, this plant is the perfect bait for roaches. First, they get attracted to the plant because of the rotten smell they emit, and then once the roaches crush the fruit, the citrus-like flesh kills them. Most people refer to it as the Osage orange.


No doubt roaches hate this plant. It is very effective, especially when you use its oil. Wipe your working surfaces, cupboard interiors, and, if possible, the floor by soaking your mop with drops of citronella oil.

Many more plants and essential oils extracted from plants are discussed separately, such as peppermint, catnip, and citrus, among many others.

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What Sounds Do Roaches Hate?

When startled by a cockroach, most people’s reaction, especially those who are afraid of these creatures, is usually to scream. In a flash, the roach disappears into thin air. This phenomenon is quite confusing because, naturally, roaches don’t have ears. Instead, they have other senses that help them network with their environment.

Therefore the question, what sound do roaches hate? It is quite tricky to answer. But research is hardly ever behind. Scientists have come up with better means to use sound as a roach repellent.

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Ultrasonic Sound

This technology uses high-frequency sound waves as a mechanism to repel cockroaches and other household pests. The sound is so high that it confuses the roaches and is said even to kill them. Although there are critics of this technology, trying out one of the devices yourself is the best solution.

According to reviews and ratings, I would recommend using Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest repeller Home Kit for your apartment. Other tactics are quite messy and will leave you with potent odors, but this Electric repellent promises toxic-free effectiveness, which is 100 percent safe and easy to use.

Not only does it scare away the roaches, but any other pest that may attempt to invade your space also will not even dare. It is a product you want to check out if you want to go green.

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Are Roaches Afraid of Dogs?

History refers to dogs as man’s best friend. They keep us safe and, most of all, the much-desired company when lonely. Dogs are very sensitive and alert, and just like cats, they will react to the presence of unusual activity. Most household pests such as rats can’t stand dogs, and it is no different with cockroaches.

First of all, dogs are huge and frightening, and cockroaches certainly can’t stand anything bigger than they are. I am sure you have noticed how they run into hiding the moment you walk into a room. The same reaction is what dogs have on roaches. Dogs are even worse because they will go after the roach, either growling or barking.

The vibrations from the noise send the roaches into a panic mood. Although dogs may not entirely keep roaches away from your house or apartment, their presence is enough to keep the roaches forever into hiding.

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Can cockroaches sense human fear?

Knowing if roaches can sense your fear makes it important also to know how you express your fear. Mainly their reaction is based on how you react. Therefore if you express your fear by shouting out loud, the vibrations certainly scare the roach, and it will run for its dear life.

Does sound keep roaches away?

Ultrasonic sounds are very powerful sound waves that keep roaches away. Even the sound of humans talking or a barking dog is enough to scare away the roach. They will remain in hiding until the coast is clear, and they can’t hear any more sound around them. Yes, sounds can keep roaches away.

Can dogs sense roaches?

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell, and given the eminent smell that roaches have, it is hard for dogs to miss. It may be hard for you to notice roaches because they are quite silent creatures, but your dog has sharp hearing, which means that it will detect the roach when they move or grumble over food.

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Bottom Line

The things that roaches hate never cease to dumbfound me. Surprisingly, roaches always seem to get by and find better ways to survive. These methods often work, especially when using plants to scare the roaches. Live plants and their oil extracts have proved their effectiveness in repelling cockroaches.

Emerging technology such as the use of electric ultrasound repellents has also shown some level of success. As we all know, technology is the future of tomorrow, and with better research and improvements, we will no longer need pesticides.

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