How To Spot And Clean Roach Droppings

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Some discoveries are just plain awful. Coming face to face with a cockroach infestation is not only horrible but also disgusting.

Cockroach droppings for a lot of people fall right into this dreadful category.

If you are unfortunate enough to stumble across roach feces somewhere in your home (say, your kitchen, dining area, or bedroom), you will not only be disgusted but also enraged at the same time.

How To Spot And Clean Roach Droppings

Generally speaking, not only have cockroaches invaded your home, but they have also been using it as a  bathroom, pooping everywhere! If you can see roach dropping on your kitchen tabletop, what about in places you can’t see?

The cockroaches are most definitely winning! Not for long though – read on to understand better how to spot roach droppings and how to clean roach droppings.

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Cockroach  Droppings: What Do They Look Like?

How do you identify cockroach droppings? Regardless of the cockroach species, cockroach droppings are rich brown or dark brown in color.

They are primarily small roundish blocks or oval-shaped, and most of what you see would be smudges and stains on objects that roaches have crawled over.

However, the bulk of these feces vary in size depending on the size of the cockroach. More giant roaches like the American roach produce larger droppings. Simultaneously, small cockroaches like the German roach leave behind tiny black or brown specks ().

Of course, before a full-fledged infestation, roach feces would be so small and scattered that you may not even notice them. But it’s pretty hard to miss the droppings with a major infestation, along with other things like dead roach body parts, roach eggs, and broken shells.

Now that you have an idea of how a roach poop looks like, let’s have a look at how to clean roach droppings?

How To Clean Roach Droppings

Having to clean poop and cockroach stain marks is not anyone’s idea of fun. But with your entire family health and welfare at stake, it is vital to find and clean up roach droppings – you’ll be grateful you did it! So, how do you clean cockroach droppings?

Step 1: –  Put On Protective Gears

Because roach poop is toxic, you must put on protective clothing before getting down to work. To avoid exposure to respiratory allergens, be sure to put on a protective face mask. Plus, don’t forget to wear protective gloves to prevent any direct contact with the droppings.

Step 2: – Vacuum The Place Up

Vacuuming the place will help you get rid of all the loose feces that you can visibly see.  Be sure to vacuum all areas where you think roaches can be hiding. That includes closets, kitchen cabinets, hidden corners, among others.

Step 3: – Cleaning

After vacuuming, go ahead, and clean all the surfaces with water. Using both soap solution and water, clean any area where you believe roaches can be hiding. This solvest should be sufficient to eliminate any toxins. You can also use disinfectants to destroy bacteria and kill the smell.

Let’s look at how to clean roach dropping in different places in your home.

How To Clean Roach Droppings Off  Walls: – Seeing cockroach stains on your wall is a common sight for many, especially if you have a roach infestation. So how do you remove cockroach feces stain from your wall?

First, pick a disinfectant that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Wash the affected surface with the solvent and let it dry for a few hours before scrubbing to remove the cockroach stains.

How To Clean Roach Droppings Off  Wood: – if you have wooden furniture in your house and think it has roaches, you first need to take it outdoors. Then using a mixture of water and soap, thoroughly scrub all the wooden surfaces.

Do this repeatedly using hot water to get rid of all the roach poops and eggs. Using a dry towel, wipe the wooden surface, then let it dry before you take it back to the house.

How To Clean Roach Droppings Off Books: – when you store books, you sometimes forget how quickly roaches can make them their home. Roach poop appears on books as brown stains, usually on the sides and the books’ edges. The poop stains can be as big as one inch or tiny dots.

You need to know that it’s not easy to clean the books without causing any damage. So how do you clean roach droppings off books? Though you might ruin the books, there are a several measures that you can take to clean them.

Start with a gentle tap on the book while facing down; any loose dropping will drop to the ground.  Next, dip a piece of cloth in regular kitchen bleach. Make sure you don’t use strong bleach. Wipe the pages softly from cover to cover. This should take care of the roach stains.

If the bleach solvent does not work, you can use fine sandpaper to scrub the stains off gently. You can also use an artist gum eraser to remove the stains, especially on hardcovers and cover boards.

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What if You Accidentally Eat Roach Feces?

Cockroaches carry pathogens like salmonella in their digestive system, which passes on to their droppings. So if you accidentally eat food that contains roach droppings, you will undoubtedly fall sick. Roaches are known to carry various diseases.

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Does Roach Feces Have A Smell?

Without a doubt! Roach droppings smell awful. The stinky and oily scent produced by roach feces can be disgusting, particularly if you have a large roach infestation.

Can you get sick from cockroach faeces?

Scientists believe cockroach droppings and saliva have bacteria that cause diarrhoea, nausea, and food poisoning. Breathing in cockroach feces can also lead to asthmatic conditions.

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Cockroach droppings can be a menace sometimes, especially if you have a large cockroach infestation. The best way to get rid of cockroach droppings from your home is to first deal with the roaches themselves.

Then take your time cleaning every corner and are you think cockroaches might be hiding. Use an environment-friendly detergent so as not to harm yourself.

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