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How to get rid of bugs attracted to light

by | May 22, 2020 | Bugs

Is there any place that does not experience a large number of insects when it rains? This is a common situation in every area. After rain a swarm of insects are attracted to the light.

Ever noticed these bugs? Well, these stubborn bugs affect the lighting and functioning of the lights. It is a daunting task to get rid of these insects.

Apart from making messing up your lighting, these bugs make compounds dirty. Some of them even possess a stench.

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How to get rid of bugs attracted to light

Various factors attract bugs, but the light is known to be the main factor and especially at night. If you have problems dealing with these bugs, don’t worry.

This guide will show you how to get rid of the insects attracted to light.

Attempt using Yellow Bulbs 

People are currently turning to yellow lights. Amongst these reasons is because they are not much bright.

Besides, yellow lights can help you win the war against the bugs attracted to bright light. There’s a biological effect of yellow bulbs on bugs.

Below are our recommended yellow bug repellants bulbs.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Fans are installed to keep the surroundings cooler and especially a room. A ceiling fan oscillating outdoor can do more than keeping your environment neat.

Try to install it on the porch and see if the bugs will disturb you again. The fan will oscillate the insects away.

These bugs can be attracted because of other factors such as odor and some food particles.

This fan will help blow away all these particles and odor that will attract the bugs.

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Drain Standing Water

Insects come from water spots. If it is not raining and there is a water spot near your home, be ascertained that bugs will be attracted.

These water spots will be a home and breeding place for the bugs, and they will never disturb you.

Therefore, if you want or get rid of these bugs, ascertain that you drain all the water spots that are not necessary.

Citronella Candles

Have you heard the effects of citronella candles it has on bugs? I think you should try it out, especially if they hang on your light.

Citronella oil has a scent that bugs cannot withstand. This Citronella candle can be made at home; hence they are economical.

If you are tired of bugs attracted by the light, you need to place the citronella candle on the porch and burn them.

You will not see bugs, and should you expect them in minimal numbers.

Utilize LED Lights

Unlike other lights, LED lights emit minimal light. This will come a long way in ascertaining that you get rid of those bugs attracted to lights.

As earlier mentioned, these bugs are attracted mostly to bright light, and turning to LED lights will be of great help. But the LED lights are a bit expensive than other lights, so use them in places where bugs are attracted most.

Soap Dish Trap

This is a natural way of keeping bugs away from your house. Take the soap dish out and place it where you know the lights are. Just like the lights, the soap dish will attract the bugs.

They will get stuck in the soap dish and eventually die. By this, you will minimize the number of bugs in your compound.

Garlic is an Insect Repellant 

This is the best and natural way of alleviating bugs. Bugs cannot withstand garlic.

If you place garlic on breeding places of bugs, you will unequivocally succeed in terminating them.

Use of Some Insecticides 

If you cannot win it organically and are tired, it is high time that you opt for chemicals. Using insecticides will entirely kill them.

There are popular insecticides known for killing environmentally friendly bugs. These include Aldicarb, Amitraz, Damozet, et al.

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Contact pest control services

Bugs will maneuver their way into your home. Should you find these bugs arduous to alleviate, you could try and contact pest control services to get rid of them.

They possess the experience and expertise needed to curb these bugs attracted to lights instantly.

Interpolate a screen

Mesh screens that are tightly woven provide an ultimate barrier for these bugs.

During porch outfitting, ascertain that the preferred screening type is sufficiently small to alleviate even the smallest of them from slipping via the cracks.

You can DIY or also call professionals to screen in the porch for you. Fly moths occasionally might get in if the door is still open; hence it’s an excellent idea to interpolate a screen conjoined with a scented candle, bug zapper, and yellow lights.

This will go a long way in ensuring you have done away with fly moths.

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Having a bat or bird nearby

It would be best if you attempted mounting the cage to a fence, outlying tree, in-ground posts, then stick small seeds to entice these bugs.

When these bugs come, you will be ascertaining that nature is taking its course.

 You can purchase premade bird and bat houses at house improvement supply stores. Place it far from the porch to make sure that it doesn’t assemble your home.

They will hunt by themselves.

Keeping frogs nearby

Frogs love flying moths, and it serves them as a tasty delicacy. When it rains, frogs will start mating and try looking for these bugs to rejuvenate themselves.

This is a natural way of getting rid of them.

Attempt Tinting

Should you loathe the flying moths coming into your home, attempt tinting your windows.

It permits minimal light to penetrate; hence, your home will appear darker, consequently repelling bugs if not attracting minimum numbers.

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Nobody likes bugs at their compound and getting rid of them can be another difficult task.

Although there are ways in which you can control bugs as discussed earlier, it is good to know how to curb their breeding.

It’s better to use preventative measures rather than having to deal with the impacts later. The recommended products are effective in alleviating such bugs hence you can be assured in curbing them.

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