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How to Get Rid of Bird Mites On Humans

by | May 17, 2020 | Mites

Sometimes a simple itch can be a sign of a more severe issue such as bird mite infestation. Bird mites are probably the most misunderstood pests. They are mostly confused with other bugs, such as bedbugs, since their behaviors are almost the same. Thus, it helps to correctly identify the parasite if you want practical ways of how to get rid of bird mites on humans. So, what are bird mites? Just as their name suggests, they are pests that feed on birds’ blood, with chicken and pigeon, as their primary hosts. With less than one millimeter in size, these parasites are almost impossible to see with naked eyes. This gives them the perfect hideout that you may not be able to reach. However, their almost constant movement makes them easy to spot. Invalid table id.

Identification of bird mites on humans

When dealing with an infestation, the first step is to identify the pest. Lay some transparent adhesive tape near areas that you notice activity. Due to the ‘crawling’ feeling they cause on the skin, you can identify the area and place the tape on it to trap the parasite. Remove the tapes and study the mites using a magnifying glass. You will observe that the bird mite has eight legs and has a nearly colorless look. However, it changes its body color to red after feeding. This is one feature that separates its infestation from the rest.

Where to find bird mites

The bird mites primarily live on bird hosts. However, they can move around in search of new hosts if their food supply has run dry. They become structural pests when they move from bird nests into buildings. While they are a significant nuisance to humans and pets, they cannot survive for long from their avian hosts. Learn how to get rid of dust mites on dogs. Most infestations commonly occur during spring or summer when there are many bird nests. These nests can be found in chimneys, roof spaces, window ledges, balconies, cracks in walls, among others. Inside the house, you can find them in carpets, clothes, furniture, and bedding.

Who Gets the Bird Mite Infestation?

The people who are likely to get bird mite infestations are poultry farmers, vets, and zoo workers. Besides, living near nests or keeping birds as pets is likely to expose you to the mites. Another way that you are likely to get exposure to bird mites is through buying second-hand furniture.

Symptoms of bird mites on humans

The most common sign of bird mite infestation is the intense itchy bites. These bites usually occur at night or early mornings. Another symptom is the crawling feeling on the skin. They cause this by injecting saliva when they are feeding. Besides, you will notice small red bumps on your skin. While the bites are no significant threat to humans, they can lead to secondary infection as a result of scratching. Furthermore, they cause sleep disturbance that may lead to anxiety or depression.

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites on Humans

How to get rid of bird mites on skin

If you have been bitten by bird mites, it is best to use anti-itch medication to help with the skin irritation and intense itch. You can use Lanacane or a muscle pain reliever such as Ben-Gay with camphor and menthol to ease the irritation. Using an anti-histamine is an excellent choice of reducing the bite sensation. Besides, to get mites off your skin, you can use Arrid Extra Dry, which is an antiperspirant. It contains 24% of Aluminum Chlorohydrate that proves effective in killing or repelling the mites. You can spray it on clothing and similar stuff. When sleeping, apply Benadryl to help with the symptoms of bird mites. It will help you to relax and fall asleep. How to repel hoverflies

How to get rid of bird mites in hair

At times, the mites infest the scalp. Most people with thick hair, especially women, experience infestation on their scalp. Desperate times call for drastic measures. In case of a heavy infestation in the hair, it is best to cut it off to have effective control of the situation. If you have a light infestation, you can use coal tar shampoo on your hair and scalp. Adding Tea Tree Oil to your shampoo also helps in removing the bird bites from your hair and scalp. More so, vinegar also proves to be effective when used to rinse the scalp. Some people swear on the success of diluted lemon juice on the hair and scalp. During bedtime, place Bounce fabric sheets inside your cap to make it mite-repellent.

How to get rid of bird mites in mouth and nose

Bird mites can get into your mouth and nose when sleeping. To curb this, mix Vaseline with sublimed Sulphur powder in a jar. Apply the mixture around your nose and mouth before going to bed. Using a fungal cream is also an option. Other great alternatives include wearing flea and tick collar, using Menthol crystals, or Bounce fabric beddings to keep out the mites. Gargle a mouthful of Listerine daily, in case they get in your mouth. Saline nasal flush is an excellent way to get rid of the mites from your nose and nasal cavities. Mix a tablespoon of sea salt with 2 ounces of warm water until it dissolves. Fill the solution in a small syringe and flush it in your nostrils. You can also use hydrogen peroxide with warm water. How to get rid of ground bees without killing them

How to get rid of bird mites in ears and eyes

When sleeping, you can use silicone earplugs to keep the mites out. Use equal portions of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to remove parasites from your ears. For the eyes, use low-profile swimming goggles with a snug fit. Wash your eyes using Boric acid eyewash if you have irritation. Be sure to follow the instructions.

How to get rid of bird mites in clothes

When you are researching how to get rid of bird mites on humans, clothes are the main factor to consider. Frequent washing of clothes keeps the infestation under control. Use up to 135 degrees of hot water and ammonia when washing clothes and beddings. You can also add bleach for white materials, Epsom salt or Borax to the water. When drying, set the dryer to the highest setting and let them stay for an extended period. Store the clean clothes in containers with mothballs and ensure that you steam iron them before wearing them. Although the bird mites do not cause extensive damage to humans, their nuisance can result in extreme discomfort. Therefore, the most useful tip on how to get rid of bird mites on humans is to remove bird nests near the living and working areas. Frequent vacuuming, washing clothes, and body hygiene keep the infestation under control.
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