How to Stop Cluster Flies Returning

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Commonly referred to as attic flies, these are large black flies, which often have the same size and shape. They are larger and slightly slower than houseflies. However, both pose the same health risks, let alone making life unpleasant. Some of them even find places inside the home, such as windows, basements, and attics, to make nests. Thus, this can make them a nuisance.

How to Stop Cluster Flies Returning

The first step is to identify these pests correctly and then apply a proper solution for their presence. So, let us dive right into it:

What is a Cluster Fly?

It’s a fly that falls in the Pollenia Genus category, which exists in the Calliphoridae Family. Usually, cluster flies have hairy body structures with a black appearance. That said, you may also come across some species that have markings and colors across their bodies.

Cluster flies often occur during the summer months, as the weather gets warm. Plus, they might appear during winter because eggs hatch indoors, where the conditions are usually warm. So, if you notice cluster flies in your house during winter, remember that it could be due to warm temperatures.

Are Cluster Flies Dangerous?

Yes, cluster flies are dangerous, and it’s why you should find ways to stop them from returning. They pose a threat to cooking surfaces and food, and you will notice many of them appear when there is a food aroma in the house.

Among some of the diseases that cluster flies can spread include food contamination, cholera, diarrhea, and more. Remember that they can also make a poor impression on your guests. The main reason for this is that many associates them with a lack of hygiene.

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How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies

Once these winged insects get into your home, you cannot do much but use measures to find and kill them. To get rid of the flies naturally and stop them from coming back, consider these techniques:

1.    Vacuuming All Through the House

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner does wonders when it comes to getting rid of cluster flies. Using a vacuum, especially when targeting remote areas such as under the table, can be effective. The suction power of the vacuum will drag in the flies, along with their larvae. So, while it’s not a 100% effective way to get rid of cluster flies, it’s still practical. If you are afraid of costs, consider using a small portable vacuum cleaner.

2.    Seal Up the House

Sometimes the problem is not within your control, and cluster flies just get attracted to the environment around your property. If this is the case, consider making upgrades to the structure of your property.

To be specific, you have to find ways to seal any apertures the flies can use to get indoors. These include sealing up windows, doors, and more. You can seal them using polythene, window seals, cement, mesh structures, and more.

3.    Hygiene Should be a “No Brainer”

All pets are attracted to environments that are not hygienic. Yes! It’s the main reason you might have noticed cluster flies in house all of a sudden. Rotten food, dirty surfaces, leftover food, food debris, and more are enough to attract flies.

Furthermore, lack of hygiene in various other property areas, such as pet waste, dirty linen, animal carcasses, will attract cluster flies. So, find ways to keep your property clean, other than the traditional hygiene measures. A few recommendations include:

  • Get rid of standing water which is a breeding ground for flies.
  • Place your trash strategically, and don’t let it sit overnight in the house.
  • Use deep cleaning tools on your sofa and carpets.
  • Eat food at the right places, such as the dining room and not your bedroom.
  • Invest in professional home maintenance services once in a while

4.    Set up Fly Traps

Insects can sometimes be incessant, especially if you live in places prone to their presence, such as close to water bodies. So, setting up constant measures such as fly traps can help eliminate any cluster fly that gets through. A good recommendation would be to set up the traps at strategic positions in the house. For instance, in the kitchen or places that your kids are likely to frequent with food.  The trap will serve as an excellent backup measure for any fly that wants to make life unpleasant at home.


How do I Get Rid of Cluster Flies in My House?

Cluster flies thrive on decomposing food and sugary substances. You can use pyrethrum spray, such as CB 80, which works well for indoor use. Plus, use it gently to get rid of the flies and away from places such as kitchen countertops.

Can You Get Rid of Cluster Flies for Good?

Yes, you can get rid of cluster flies for food. However, it depends on how thorough you are with the technique and methods that you use. Plus, it also depends on the weather and factors such as hygiene in your property.

How Long do Cluster Flies Last?

Cluster flies have long life spans, which can average up to 12 months. To get through harsh winter conditions, they might have to go for hibernation. So, you may have to find ways to inspect your property for their nests occasionally.
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What Smells do Cluster Flies Hate?

The smell that cluster flies hate would be cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, and more. Not only is spraying these oils around the home aromatic, but it also does well to repel them from your property.  It’s one of the best ways on how to get rid of cluster flies naturally.

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Even if flies have a role to play in the environment, they can sometimes be a nuisance and make life uncomfortable. In this case, you have to be aware of various ways to identify and manage their presence in your environment. In this guide, we have been looking at ways on how to stop cluster flies from returning.


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