How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

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Does the following scenario sound familiar? This’ How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

You get in bed, tuck yourself in a warm duvet, and hope to fall asleep faster. Yet as soon as you close your eyes, you hear the buzzing and biting sound of mosquitoes that instantly distracts your urge to catch some sleep

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I’m sure you can relate. Not to mention that while mosquito bites are prevalent, especially during the summer months, they can be a hindrance to warm nights.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent mosquitoes from biting you while sleeping. And the best part is that the recommended remedies always work well 100% of the time.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

Here are effective ways to keep mosquitoes far away from your bed while sleeping at any time of the day:

Remedy #1: Apply bug repellent lotion before going to bed

Bug repellent lotions such as 3M Ultrathon and Sawyer SP564 contain ingredients that easily protect you from mosquito bites.

DEET and Picaridin are the most common and effective chemicals in these lotions, and they’re completely safe provided you use the lotions as directed.

Some lotions, such as the Greenways 2-in-1, contain 100% natural ingredients. They’re the best to use on babies, kids, and adults who have sensitive skin.

The working duration of these bug repellent lotions vary from brand to brand, with the likes of Sawyer SP564 and 3M Ultrathon giving you up to 12 hours of full protection against mosquito bites.

According to the CDC, lotion containing DEET are safe for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and babies 2 months or older. Even so, consider a lotion with lower concentration of DEET to keep children safe, or get an all-natural insect repellent lotion such as the Greenways instead.

Remedy #2: Wear Light Colored Pajamas to Sleep

There’s nothing wrong with your taste for dark colors. But when it comes to sleeping well at night and never have to worry about mosquitoes sucking blood out of you, it’s best to switch from dull to light colored clothes.

Scientists argue that mosquitoes use their heat-sensing antenna to hunt for food and they’re mostly attracted to things that replicate shadows. In other words, dark colors attract mosquitoes because they stand in contrast to the horizon. So wearing black, red, or brown pajamas to sleep makes you a direct magnet for mosquitoes.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend wearing dark clothing to sleep because they easily trap heat, which also makes it easy for mosquitoes to attack you.

So during the hot summer months, you’re better off wearing light colored clothes to sleep to protect yourself from mosquito bites while sleeping.

Remedy #3: Burn sage, thyme, or citronella oil to keep mosquitoes away

Sage isn’t just good for cooking. Its pleasant smell can add some good vibes to a room and burning a bundle while you sleep can easily repel mosquitoes. As you burn safe, it will emit a human-friendly smell, which is, at the same time, unpleasant to bugs.

Other than burning sage in a bundle, you can rub it on your skin so that it releases its essential oils as you crush the herbs. The oil will create a barrier between your skin and mosquitoes.

Research on the effectiveness of sage as a bug repellent show that it’s about 40% effective and you must be near the smoke to reap its benefit.

Thyme is another effective remedy that you can use in place of sage. Unlike sage herbs, thyme herb is up to 85% effective in repelling insects, and therefore a good option to use to prevent bug bites while sleeping.

You can also burn citronella oil, which, in addition to fighting fatigue and enhancing moods, is an effective bug repellent. This essential oil contains chemicals that are harsh to mosquitoes, and therefore it’s a good alternative to both thyme and sage.

Remedy #4: Do you have a fan? Turn it on to repel mosquitoes

The fan in your bedroom isn’t just a gizmo to blow a cool breeze. It’s also a great appliance that you can use to scare away mosquitoes at night.

Let me explain:

Fans move at variable speeds, each capable to generate a certain current of wind. If set to the highest variable speed, the ceiling fan can generate wind current that’s strong enough to repel mosquitoes naturally.

To fly against the wind current generated by ceiling fans, mosquitoes need to use more nutrients energy to power their muscles. However, since they lack enough energy to fly against such current, and the fact that all mosquitoes are weak flyers in nature, they cannot be able to withstand the force generated by ceiling fans.

The result is an environment where mosquitoes can hardly thrive. So if you have a fan in your bedroom, and it’s off most of the time, now’s the best time to put it to good use.

Remedy #5: Sleep under a mosquito net

Research published by the Malaria Journal indicates that mosquito nets are also effective in repelling mosquitoes and therefore preventing bug bites while sleeping. A non-treated mosquito net should work just fine. You can even invest in nets treated with insecticides if you need extra protection.


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It’s best to buy a net that covers your whole bed. Or at least, you should make sure there’s enough space between the net and your skin. This way, if a mosquito lands on the net it won’t be able to bit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a treated or untreated mosquito net?

You can buy either although the treated models are better to consider if you need more protection.

Is an organic lotion as good as one with DEET?

Yes, organic bug repellents are effective at preventing mosquito bites. Make sure to check the label for the user instructions.

Which type of fan works best for mosquitoes?

You can use any type of fan to keep mosquitoes away. It doesn’t matter if you have a ceiling, misting, pedestal, or tower fan. Just make sure you choose the highest speed setting to generate strong wind current that mosquitoes can’t stand up to.

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