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Summer is a great season to spend some quality time with friends and family outdoors. It gets better when you host a get together gathering in the open, a barbecue party in your backyard, or a bonfire night in the wild.

Yet as much as there can be a lot of fun for the moment, the warmer months make you a lot more susceptible to mosquito bites. As scary as that sound, you don’t necessarily have to surrender to these annoying blood-sucking bugs.


Because if you use body lotions that repel mosquitoes, you can enjoy the wonders of the outdoors in the summer months without worrying about bug bites.

3 Best Lotions that Repel Mosquitoes

1. Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent

I was totally sold out the first time I tried the Sawyer Picaridin insect repellent. It’s currently my top recommendation to anyone who’s interested in a lotion that’s effective in repelling mosquitoes for long hours.

Safe for adults and kids, this DEET and fragrance-free lotion not only offers 8 hours of shield against flies and gnats, but also guarantees up to 14 hours of full protection against mosquitoes.

It doesn’t matter the type of mosquito bites you’d like to prevent. Sawyer Picaridin repellent is quite effective in dealing with different types of mosquitos, including West Nile, Zika viruses and Dengue.

While the Sawyer Picaridin creates a layer that alters the scent of your skin to make it unfriendly for mosquitoes, it doesn’t smell bad at all. From my experience with the lotion, the scent isn’t bad at all.

And I’d rate it 5 stars straight out. Plus, it’s thick, which is why its effect last longer with a single application.

There are at least two drawbacks to using this product. First, the thickness of the lotion means you have to use a lot, almost a palm full, to cover your body. Second, you need to wash your hands for up to two minutes, which may be a long time to some people.

2. Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion is cheap yet effective. It contains about 34% of DEET, which offer maximum protection against different bug bites.

As for mosquito repulsion, this product provides a protective shield against different types of mosquitoes, especially those that carry Dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile Virus.

With its unique controlled and time-release technologies, this lotion can provide a protection that lasts up to 12 hours from a single application, so you can enjoy doing different outdoor activities in the summer months without worrying about mosquito attacks.

You’ll love the Ultrathon lotion because it’s water and sweat proof. That means the effect of a single application will last longer even if you sweat profusely or engage in water sports during the summer months.

Ultrathon insect repellent lotion may not have your favorite kind of aroma, but its scent is so pleasant that you may first not think it’s a bug spray. Moreover, you don’t need to apply it in large quantity to get the best results from it; a little application goes a long way to offer maximum protection from mosquitoes.

The only issue you may have with this product at first is a mild chemical smell although you won’t notice it immediately after application.

3. Greenways 2-in-1 Organic Body Lotion 

If you love enjoying the outdoors in the hot and warm summer months, you’ll be better off with a bug spray that offers you the protection you need to enjoy your adventures for longer.

In that case, you might want to consider the Greenways body lotion.

It’s a 2-in-1 organic body lotion with powerful formulas for effective protection. Free of chemicals found in some popular sunscreens, SPF 30 rated, and containing safe zinc oxide, the lotion can give you maximum protection from the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun.

Moreover, the lotion contains active eugenol, an organic ingredient used in place of DEET, which offers maximum protection against mosquitoes.

Thanks to the uniform blend of natural ingredients, the Greenways body lotion is safe to use both as a sunscreen and bug repellent. It’s its organic constituents that make it suitable for adults and kids.

And unlike many DEET and parabens filled lotions and sprays, this organic body lotion doesn’t leave your skin greasy or sticky after application.

Unfortunately, this organic lotion’s water resistance property doesn’t last long. So if you’re going to engage in water sports, or you tend to sweat a lot in the summer months, you’ll have to apply the lotion after every 80 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions on lotions that repel mosquitoes

Can lotions that repel mosquitoes make me smell bad?

No, mosquito repellent lotions won’t make you smell awful. While they possess smells that bugs hate, you won’t notice the smell yourself.

However, keep in mind that some lotions may have a mild chemical smell, but that tends to fade away immediately after application.

How safe is DEET in a bug repellent lotion?

More often than not, reported cases linked to DEET are often as a result of misuse of DEET products.

And according to a study conducted by Consumer Report, DEET in mosquito repellent lotion is completely safe as long as you use the product as directed.

Can I use bug sprays instead of lotions?

Yes, you can also use bug sprays instead of lotions to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

They’re easier to apply than lotions, as all you have to do is to press the bottle’s cap to apply the fluid on the body parts that you’d like to protect.

Make sure you apply the spray as directed so that you can get the most out of it.

Are mosquito repellent lotions safe for babies?

The DC advises that you don’t apply mosquito repellent lotions on babies under the age of 2 months.

And while you’re free to apply the lotion on your child’s skin once they’re 2 months or older, the lotion you choose shouldn’t contain more than 30% DEET.


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For maximum safety, I do recommend that you choose lotions with 100% natural ingredients.

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