Are Shrimps Related To Cockroaches?

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Shrimps are some of the most well-known water species on the planet. There are so many shrimps cruising in the ocean worldwide. As a result, they are popular food for larger fish species and human beings.

But are shrimps related to cockroaches? Ok, hold on one minute! How can this beautiful and wonderful sea creature be associated with a creepy and filthy cockroach? You will be shocked to learn how similar roaches snd shrimps are.

Most individuals, particularly shrimp eaters, are perplexed about whether shrimp and roaches are of the same genus or not. This dilemma originated from the animal grouping and classifications done by scientists.

But to sum it up, there is ample evidence to show that shrimps are related to cockroaches as every characteristic of these two creatures seems to collide at every angle.

Shrimp Vs Cockroach: A Little Bit On Cockroaches And Shrimp

What are Shrimps?

Renowned for its delicious taste, this aquatic creature is one of the most well-known crustaceans. Shrimps are decapods as they have five pairs of legs and have appendages and joint limbs – characteristics that members of their species share.

Shrimp are commonly found in estuaries and along the coastal shoreline. They live in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. Due to their small size, they are forced to move in large packs (schools) to ward off predators.

Shrimp are omnivorous beings; they eat limited quantities of both sea plants and marine creatures. They primarily feed on plankton and algae. Shrimps are not threatening in any way, but they are food to many sea and ocean brutes.

What are Cockroaches?

It might be challenging to look at these creepy creatures. However, there are a few details about cockroaches that are worth checking out!

Roaches have been wondering and patronizing this world since the dinosaurs’ era and are characterized by an oval-shaped body, an appendage, a pair of antennae, and six joint legs. Roaches are resilient enough to hold their breath underwater for about forty minutes and can survive for a week without their head. Now you understand why it’s so challenging to eliminate them.

Why Are Shrimp Nicknamed “Sea Cockroaches”?

Are shrimp cockroaches of the sea? Shrimps are also known as “the cockroaches of the sea” because they mimic cockroaches in many aspects. For example, roaches and shrimps have identical feeding patterns, and they share similar behavioral traits, such as scavenging.

Let’s unroll some of the many similarities between shrimp and cockroaches. This will help you understand why shrimps are referred to as “the cockroach of the sea.” Below are some of the parallels between shrimps and cockroaches.

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Shrimp And Cockroach Similarities

  1. Just Like Cockroaches, Shrimp Also Have An Exoskeleton: – Both the shrimp and cockroach have a tough exoskeleton that shields them from injuries. This solid top skin is often built to protect them from predators, giving them a chance to escape once the predator fails to bite through the hard skin.
    However, this hard skin is not as effective as other giant predators have a powerful biting force that can penetrate and crush through the exoskeleton.
  2. They Are Both Cold-Blooded – another similarity between the two is that they are both cold-blooded creatures. Shrimps are crustaceans and live in water (cockroaches of the sea). Even though roaches are cold-blooded, they can’t live in cold environments.
  3. They both have the same feed habits: – another reason why shrimps are related to cockroaches is that they are both omnivorous; they feed on both plants and animals. They are both scavengers and feed on dead animals and plants alike.
  4. They are both fast: –  roaches can run and fly at breakneck speeds, while shrimps can swim at a very high speed, especially if they are running away from danger.
  5. They both have long  Antennas: –  another reason why shrimps are related to cockroaches is that they both have antennas that look alike. They use the antennas to sense and detect different things including, food and danger. With the help of the antennas, they can know over anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Shrimps Vs Cockroach

Does Cockroach Taste Like Shrimp?

Feasting on insects is nothing new to human beings; many people worldwide eat insects as part of their diet. Though there is no evidence to prove this, those who have had an opportunity to taste a fried cockroach say it tastes like deep-fried shrimp.

How Long Does Shrimp And Cockroach Live

On average, they both have a parallel lifespan. Shrimp can live for between 1-6 years, while a cockroach can live for roughly 1-3 years. Male roaches typically live for approximately one year. At the same time, female rouches live for 2.5 to 3 years. The lifespan of shrimp varies from species to species.

Can Shrimp Survive Out Of  Water?

Shrimps are related to cockroaches in so many ways but not in their dwelling places. Cockroaches stay on land while shrimp live in water. So, can shrimp survive outside water? Yes, it can but only for a short time, maybe 30 minutes or so.

Shrimps are cold-blooded creatures that can only breathe underwater. On the other hand, roach can only stay underwater for about 40 minutes. They can hold their breath for that long.

Are Shrimp Bugs?

There are numerous arguments out there on whether a shrimp is a bug or not. But different studies have categorized shrimp as a crustacean and not an insect.
So the answer is a big No! yes, shrimps and cockroaches have similarities, but that’s all there is concerning a bug.

Shrimps are referred to as the “cockroach of the sea” due to their similarities to cockroaches. Even though they have a lot in common, shrimps are not cockroaches.


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Though it can be pretty tricky to distinguish between the two, shrimps are aquatic arthropods (crustaceans), while roaches are bugs or insects—no need to get mixed up; obviously a big difference between the two.

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