Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach To Repel Mice

by | Last updated Jul 17, 2023 | Rodents

When you’re in the pest control game, you hear some weird and wacky ideas. And a question we’re asked quite a lot is quite a weird one indeed: “Do mice like bleach?” Why on earth are they wondering that, exactly?

Can bleach kill mice? Here’s the truth

Well, according to the theory, all you really need to do to keep the world’s most universally detested pest at bay is to spray some pungent bleach around the place and the mice simply stay away – just because they hate the toxic smell so much. The perfect and inexpensive mouse repellent, right?

WRONG. And here’s why:

1. It’s also unhealthy for us

Do mice like the smell of bleach? No, they do not – and we don’t either! Bleach is a strong, toxic chemical that may irritate the nasal passages of mice – but it’s also bad for us too! It hurts our skin, eyes, and our own respiratory systems and it’s simply a bad idea to go spraying it all over the place.

2. It’s bad for the environment

Does bleach repel mice … really? There’s no actual data for that. But what there is data on is that our precious planet definitely hates bleach. It contaminates the soil, infects our water sources, pollutes and environment, disrupts fragile ecological systems, and hurts plants and animals.

3. It damages your surfaces

And if you do decide to wipe or spray bleach on your household surfaces, it will damage them. Not just that, it (logically) bleaches fabrics, stains carpets, erodes gentle or painted finishes, and just generally causes a lot more damage than it creates good.

4. It just doesn’t repel or kill mice

And if you’re asking ‘Does bleach kill mice’ as well as repel them, we’ve also got bad news – because the answer is nope! If you’re having a problem getting rid of mice, that’s because they’re remarkably hardy critters and they know exactly how to adapt to your environment to get the food, crumbs, and shelter they’re really looking for.

So if you’ve heard that bleach is an awesome mouse repellent, think again. However, you might like to try:

  • Peppermint oil for its unpleasant scent to mice
  • Cloves, cayenne pepper, and garlic for the same reason
  • Spring-cleaning your home and ensuring there’s no access to food sources
  • Sealing off entry points including gaps, cracks, and openings.

But the simplest, easiest, and ultimately most affordable way to get rid of your mouse problem once and for all is to find the best possible pest control company near you. These trained professionals not only have a deep understanding of rodent behavior and biology, but their rodent removal methods are also the safest and most effective possible – and are customized every single time for your specific infestation.


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